Mike Tomlin coming with the Straight Fire!


Not exactly practicing what you preach, eh coach? He also told the team to stay off social media to which Brown or someone near him replied “f that”…

You know Tomlin loves Antonio Brown. But hates that he was rolling on that speech. And because he didn’t know it, he’s telling the team to keep a low profile, while at the same time he’s wallpapering the Pats’ bulletin board. He tells the team to stay off social media while essentially going viral at the same exact time he’s saying it. And it gives you an indication of just how important social media is to these guys; that they have the conference championship game coming up and the coach says in no uncertain terms, stay off social media; and at least one player was like, awww hell no! Like…it’s the biggest week of the year. My followers need to know what’s up. Deserve to know what’s up. And I need to tell them what’s up!! Do you have any idea how many new followers I was going to bank this week? It’s freaking follower Christmas for me. He can’t rip that from us!

Pretty amazing, how important social media is to folks; that in that moment that’s what he was thinking about and that was his reaction when the coach tried to rip it from him. The reaction, at least from that one guy, wasn’t, all hands on deck, whatever we have to do to get ready and win this game… It was, hey man, don’t jerk with my social media. Like they were ripping his oxygen from him.

I’m guessing if the Steelers don’t have it already, there’s going to be a new policy for Facebook live or any other live streaming from the locker room immediately after the game. And I’m sure just about every other team will follow suit. At least as it relates to rolling on the head coach addressing the team.

No way can Tomlin be happy about that. Especially since every other coach will tell you, what you see and hear, here, stays here! Not anymore. Not with Facebook live, it doesn’t.


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