The Hoodie responded to Mike Tomlin’s comments which were pushed out via Facebook Live via Antonio Brown.

And of course, the Hoodie went his standard, ‘I don’t know anything about social media and then mangles, probably intentionally, the names of various platforms: this time, his actual quote to WEEI sports radio was: “as you know I’m not on snapface and all that, so I don’t really get those.  I’m really just worried about getting our team ready to go.  I’m not really too worried about what they put on instantchat or whatever it is.”

He’s not on snapface? And isn’t concerned about what they put on ‘instantchat.’ No doubt, Hood.

Just as I know you don’t know anything about friendface… or instabook… or crank-swipe. Or linkedface… or pinface… or instaface… or iface… or eface.

Then again, I can’t help but wonder. Maybe he knows social media better than he’s letting on. Maybe, he knows it cold and goes down the same rabbit hole we all do.

Maybe he’s a huge Yelp guy and is sitting on like 10,000 reviews: he probably keys in as “hoodman4eva”  and thumbs out things like, “the Pawtucket Cold Stone Creamery totally ruined my order. I specifically asked for the birth cake remix with extra sprinkles and they didn’t even put any of them at all. 1 star. A flat out embarrassment to the cake community!”

He’s probably posted up on twitter, setting up egg accounts to troll Eli Manning after every pick, while constantly trying to hook upcoming opponents into some regrettable tweet that goes viral and attempting to get into distracting twitter beefs with them before big games.

Speaking of Manning, you just know he loves the Manning-face memes and will post them any chance he gets. Anytime Eli gets sacked, he’s posting a screenshot of Eli’s contorted face. He’ll call it red face, but you know the guy is a huge Reddit user just so he can understand what was going on with Westworld… so I don’t know that I’m buying all this, I don’t snap-face nonsense. But you know he’s going to just stick to his story. Mmpffhrr grrpffm….faceplant.


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