The Warriors hammered the Cavs last night, 126-91. That had to feel pretty damn good to Golden State. But what’s it really mean: not a ton. It certainly isn’t going to erase them not cashing in a 3-1 lead in the Finals… nothing will… but it had to feel good to land that haymaker. Especially after they blew that Xmas day game.

Combine that, with another loss to the Cavs, at the end of a road trip, in their house, and then they have to answer another round of questions: are the Cavs in your head? What’s wrong with the Warriors? Does KD really fit. Or was it a mistake to bring him in. All nonsense, but all questions they would have faced had they lost last night.

So it was good to get a win against them, and even better to lay a beating on them.

And good to see Steph Curry come out attacking the way he was from the opening tip and have the type of game he had against the Cavs.

As for the Cavs, that loss really isn’t that big of thing. How they’re playing in January doesn’t matter at all. How they’re playing in June is everything. They’re all about setting it up for a big run in the postseason, and looking around the East, there’s still not anyone who is any kind of a threat to them. Don’t get it twisted. Getting hammered by 35 is not a good thing. Neither is allowing 78 first half points. But the Cavs were playing the sixth game of a 12 game road trip. And the Warriors were at home, coming off three day’s rest. And considering who did it to them and when and where it happened, it really doesn’t matter to Cleveland. It’s not a big deal. Their coach, Ty Lue, said the same thing: “what do you want us to do? I mean, they beat us. They won one game. They won. Yeah, we’re going to shake it off. We got to. We’ve got (42) more games left.”

And because of injuries and the Kyle Korver deal, they’re still figuring out who they are. And to hear LeBron talk about it, they might not be done adding pieces; not if he has any say in it; and you know he does. But no one should read too much into Golden State’s win or the Cavs getting hammered. It’s a mid-January, mid-season game; something that really doesn’t matter much too either side.

They got punched in the face. And LeBron got hit by a mack truck. At least that’s how he reacted when he ran into Draymond Green.

You can’t have that game without Draymond’s requisite flagrant one. But that wasn’t enough for LeBron who was looking for a felony one after it happened. You might say, dude was hit by a truck!  It’s Draymond Green! Right, except Draymond’s a truck, LeBron is a tank. And no truck is moving a tank. Yet he went down like he took a cannon ball blast.


Again, given that LeBron is a top five player of all time, maybe even better than that; and as big and as strong as he is, it’s beneath him to be flopping around. Selling a foul and trying to get to the line is one thing, but flopping and diving like that is just a bad look for a guy that big, that strong and that good.

I’m not saying he’s the only guy who does it; I’m saying given his size, and who he is in the game, he’s the worst offender of them all.

Oh and LeBron is sticking to his take, that Golden State is not their rival.


Look, I get not wanting to give them the satisfaction of acknowledging them. Especially after a 35 point beatdown. Of course, they’re your rival. You’ve each won a ring against each other. How do you define a rival: someone who has something you want: someone who you have to get through to get what you want.

You can’t tell me going up against Golden State is like up against Brooklyn or some other team in the East. I get that you’re getting some mileage out of saying that this isn’t a rivalry, but it is. And LeBron knows it.


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