Info & Stats: Green Bay Packers Quarterback

All Topics: Excited for Atlanta | His pass to Jared Cook late vs. Dallas | His offensive line | Extremely calm in the fourth quarter vs. Dallas | Team sport | Jerry Jones comments of underestimating him |  His comments about running the table after Week 10 | His level of play | Offensive line | Will play with the receivers they have | Might watch some Under Siege

Jan 19th 2017

Aaron to Jim before the NFC Championship Game: “Thanks for the Jungle Karma.”


Aug 17th 2016

All Topics: Training Camp | Olympics | Usain Bolt | Michael Phelps | This season feels so important | Al Jazeera Report on some of his teammates | NFL bullying his teammates into talking about wild accusations | Players would be responsible for NFL Commissioner’s power too | Goodell being the judge, jury, and executioner | Hall Of Fame ceremony | Brett Favre being inducted into the Hall of Fame | Kentucky Derby | UFC 202 |

Aaron Rodgers on Michael Phelps: “One of the most incredible athletes ever.”


May 22nd 2013

All Topics: His off-season | New CBA giving them some more time off | OTA’s | Bart Starr | Getting to know Bart has been a pleasure | What kind of a guy Bart is | MACC Fund | Kids with cancer | Draft room 2005 | Keeping perspective | Small town roots | Keeping that motivation | His brother Jordan signing with the Jacksonville Jaguars | Jordan needing to be himself | Rumors of the Packers and Brett Favre coming back together | The healing process of Favre and Green Bay | Spending time with Brett | 3 years with Brett | His new contract | Becoming the highest paid player in the history of the game | Brian Urlacher’s retirement | Brian was his favorite player to go against | NFC Championship game against Urlacher | Conversation between plays with Brian |

Aaron on a possible Brett Favre / Green Bay Packers reconciliation: “I think it’s time.”


Oct 22, 2012:

The 2011 MVP on the critics: “People want to see us fail.”


Jul 31, 2012:

Aaron on leading the franchise on and off the field: “I enjoy the burden.”


Jan 31, 2012:

Aaron on last week’s Pro Bowl: “I personally have to apologize for some of the things that went on during that game.”


Dec 30, 2011:

Topics: How to top 2011 | Scored a hole-in-one in April | Talking golf | Green Bay stocking caps must be selling out | Chad Clifton coming back | Using a lot of different guys this season | Not having to answer the undefeated questions any longer | Any surprises for the year | Weight taken off the shoulders after winning the Super Bowl | Dealing with the media | Time taken out of schedule | They have a job to do to report the news | Approach with a great game plan | Quiet on Twitter | Not tweeting during the season | Throwing the football in the cold | What winning the MVP of the season would mean | Who is most supportive of him | Hours spent watching film and going over fundamentals have made him a better player | Jermichael Finley’s productive year | 2012 should be like 2011


Sep 16, 2011:

Aaron’s reaction to hearing Brian Urlacher considers him the best Qb in the league: “Brian, might have said that before Tom Brady played on Monday Night.”


Aug 10, 2011:

Aaron on Fantasy Football: “It’s been great for our game.”


Nov 02, 2010:

Topics: Likes where there at right now | Doesn’t think they’ve played their best football | Injuries | Losing Ryan Grant and Jermichael Finley | Holding it together | Good leadership in the locker room | Players stepping up | Tweaking his ankle Sunday was embarrassing | Facing Dallas Sunday | David Garrard had a very good game against Dallas | Jon Kitna | Beating the Jets | The win over Minnesota was a big win for our confidence | Beating the Vikings was big for our fans | Nice to beat Minnesota; but we have to face them again in a few weeks | Packers defense showing up big against the Jets | The media saying the defense couldn’t stop the Jets | Clay Matthews | Matthews 2010 season | Clay shows up on Sunday’s | Clay’s colt following | Aaron’s song, he’s not the DJ in the locker room | Loves the youtube video of his song; hoping to get some of the revenue from the song |


Jul 08, 2010:

Topics: LeBron James decision | Media coverage | 2010 NFL Season | Playoff game against Arizona | Moved on since losing to the Cardinals | 2009 development | Consistency | Weather in Wisconsin | Shoveling neighbors sidewalk | City of Green Bay | California kid | Mike McCarthy | Dealing with being miserable | Excited for the season; really like who we brought in | We have the right mix of talent | Tough schedule | Injuries | Team chemistry | Celebrity golf tournament at Lake Tahoe | Golf game | Beating Jay Cutler twice last season |


Apr 22, 2010:

Topics: Traveling in the Off-Season, Went to Australia | Off-season workouts | Good to be around the guys again | Last play of last season | Tough to move on, but you have too | Missing Greg Jennings in overtime | Pro Bowl experience | Individual accomplishments only take a little sting away from loss | Team focus is to get home field advantage | Training for the grind | Jermichael Finley’s emergence | Pocket presence | NFL Code of conduct policy | Roger Goodell will hold us accountable | Advice for the young QB’s | Twitter talk


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