Let’s make a new rule. If you’re a star receiver, and you do something STUPID the week before a really big game, you need to STEP YOUR GAME UP.

Rent a boat — Hit up Miami, go shirtless with your crew on Insta? It’s NOT okay to go 4 catches for 28 yards on 11 targets in a blowout loss.

So AB — that’s where we’re going. Because the moment you put that phone on selfie mode and went Facebook Live, the bar went up. And nobody is going to care that you went for almost 1,300 yards this season and have back-to-back 100 yard games in the playoffs. Not if you don’t go into Foxboro and do it again.

Brown did what he had to do yesterday, stepping in front of the podium and saying all the right things. But nobody is going to remember the heartfelt apology if Malcolm Butler shuts you down and the Pats keep you under wraps.

That’s what this is. The moment AB went “millennial” postgame, this stopped being about anything on the field and everything off of it.

And that’s how this goes. He’s got to own it. Because you can be the best receiver in the league. Nobody cares, not after that stunt — and not after your coach and your quarterback came down HARD — and Tomlin’s words likely got plastered all over the Pats locker room.

AB knows what he did. He knows the focus is all on him. And unlike OBJ, I think he’s at least got the mental makeup to rise to the occasion. If the Steelers lose, it won’t be because of that stunt.

But either way, Brown has to show up, and ball the hell out. And even if he does and they lose, some of this will still stick to him. Only way to make it go away completely is for him to play big, and for the Steelers to finally figure out a way to do the Hoodie and the Tommy in Foxboro.

Lucky my man, AB is chest up…eyes up…prayed up.


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