We must be getting close to the end of football season because the Hood is getting loose! Have you checked this guy’s act this week? From running his classic social media schtick earlier in the week, to yesterday just savagely destroying the Chiefs and Cowboys in one monotoned Beli-quote. “How much does home field advantage help?” … “I dunno… go ask Dallas and Kansas City!”


Out of left field. Normally this guy wouldn’t even take the time to answer a question like that. He’d hit us with a “We’re on to Cincinnati.” Or “Seattle… Seattle.”

But instead, it was like he was hosting a Comedy Central Roast. Just dragging in two teams that have nothing to do with him and bashing them over the head with his 4 Patriots Super Bowl rings. Somebody check their pulse.

Look, we all know where the Hood was going with that. The phrase “Any Given Sunday” becomes even more real in the playoffs. Hell, the Brock Osweiler-led Texans were in a one possession game in the 4th quarter in Foxboro last weekend. And you KNOW the Hood hasn’t forgotten that. He’s not about to… Whether “an exciting” trophy is up for grabs or not.

If this guy flatlined, he’d have more excitement than he has for that trophy… or life in general. But the Hood isn’t here to talk about the bleeping Lamar Hunt Trophy. That piece of scrap metal might as well be a participation ribbon to him. The Hood doesn’t care for that and neither do the Pats. It’s just another speed bump on their mission for another Lombardi.

The reason this one means so much is because it’s a BLEEP YOU Lombardi. A bleep you to Roger Goodell AND to the shield. Bench Brady to start the season? That’s fine. That’s fine. We’ll just make you hand us the Lombardi and kiss our ring to end the season.

I’m not sure if the Patriots will get by the Steelers, but I know this… Winning this year’s Super Bowl probably means more to New England than all of the four others they have combined. How the hell do you explain the Hood coming off the rails the way he has this week.


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