Chael Sonnen may have missed three years of fighting while survivng his suspension: and now he’s on what he calls his “legends ass-whipping tour” starting tomorrow against Tito Ortiz at the forum in Inglewood.

Now, these two actually wrestled each other nearly 20 years ago in college, a match Chael won.

But then he watched as Ortiz began to fight professionally, and had more and more success, success I’m sure Chael thought was his.

Knowing Chael, I have to think he thought, there’s nothing about this guy that’s better than me. I beat him. I’m smarter than him. I sure as hell can promote and sell a fight better than him. Why him and not me.

I have to think Chael thinks had he jumped professionally like Ortiz did, that his legacy and perhaps the history of the sport would have been different. I’m just giving you what I’m sure is Chael’s mindset.

So while he’s motivated any time he fights, and especially if its first fight in three years, you know he’s especially motivated for this one.

So what’s going to happen? Styles make fights. And while most guys would never tell you want their strategy is going into a fight, Chael mentioned exactly what his plan is: quote: “the second the ref says go, I will. I’m going to put him on his back like I do everybody else, and I’m going to beat a hole in his face for 15 minutes or until he gives up. If he can stop that, he’s going to have a good night. I don’t have a plan b, I don’t have a secret parachute.”

Which is exactly what you want in a fight. You’re going to get your money’s worth. My man is going to blow Ortiz out or he’s going on his sword.

Of course, if there’s a fight involving Chael, he’s under someone’s skin. And in someone’s dome. And now more than ever. Believe this; even after three years away, dude has lost nothing in the way of his rap; and running his gap: Ortiz went the tried and true, ‘you’ve talked your way into everyone of your big fights. And then you never win. I’ve said before, along with Conor McGregor, Chael has as good a rap as anyone I’ve ever seen in sports, combat sports, or otherwise. He’s quick. Lightning quick.

You know like that time I asked him about his assertion that Lance Armstrong gave himself cancer. And then I played the tape and said what about that? And without hesitation he said, “that? That’s not me. That’s some dude with a hispanic accent, Jim. Why don’t you go to the callers and see what they say!”

That quick. But when Tito tried to crack him with you just talk your way into these fights, you don’t really deserve them, and you never really win, I have a feeling Chael P. Sonnen or as he likes to say, Chael perfection Sonnen had this beauty locked and loaded:



Uh-oh!! Oh no he didn’t. Yes…he…did!

One of the most amazing press conference smackdowns you will ever see. Even for Chael. Cannon shot that hit Tito between the eyes. It’s incredible. Every part of it. That audible gasp from even the reporters in the room is awesome. And the reaction of Bellator President Scott Coker who just buries his head in his hands, and Chael revels in it, admiring his work. Just to reiterate, he essentially just called Tito’s ex, a woman he was in a 5 year relationship and the mother of his kids, a Ho: Tito Ortiz, a former world champ and one of the baddest dudes to ever walk the planet and did it with him sitting 10 feet away and he couldn’t have been more pleased with himself.

Obviously, Tito was not pleased… he  did not take that well, saying, “Well just to correct you, there was never no marriage. You’re a (bleeping) punk dude. That’s what you call class, right here (pointing to himself) him, no class. No class at all. That’s why you see him in jeans and a (bleeping) t shirt.”

And no, Tito and ex porn star Jenna Jamison never married but they were in a five year relationship and they do have 5 year old twin boys as a result of it.

So what did Jenna think of what Chael said. Ironically, she was like, what? Chael’s right. He didn’t say anything that true: she tweeted: “to everyone thinking @chaelsonnen’s remark at the press conference for his fight with Tito bothered me, it didn’t… he stated the obvious. She continued: “first dumb thing I’ve ever Chael say… it’s like stating the sky is blue and expecting that to be a revelation.”

Here’s your revelation, Chael may not win every time he steps into the octagon, but he has never, ever lost a fight prior to doing so. And that he put Tito to sleep with one shot there. But to Tito’s point, Chael’s going to have to back it up now.

But this is just another example of what makes Chael’s so fascinating: this is a fight that you might have said, I don’t give a damn; ten years ago sure, but not now… might have said that, until Chael showed up and started rapping into a mic, and now this is something you have to see. Or as XR4t’er Keith Arnold said, oh dude! I’m definitely going to have to periscope this now!!!

Only Chael does that. Only Chael can do that. And it’s one of the reasons I love the guy. And no one needs to tell him, now…he has to go back it up!


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