Apparently Johnny Manziel has taken his first step in getting treatment for his disease. And yes, it’s a disease.

This comes up all the time. Is it a disease? Or a choice? An illness or a decision? Is it something that strikes you down or is it a choice that you yourself made leading to a devastating downward spiral.

We may never really know. In my opinion. It’s a disease. Douchebag idities. He has it. He is one. And he knows it.

But the first step in recovery is admission, acceptance, ownership. And it looks as if Manziel may have taken that first step, tweeting yesterday: “no lie. I was a douche in 2016. I’m trying to be a good person again. #lost in the sauce.”

No lie. You were a douche in 2016. And for all we know, you’re still a douce in 2017. Him having to tweet us how happy he is, and that he’s going to get his life together is so 2017. And so Manziel.

Why do you need to tell us? Much less tweet it? Why not just do it? Why do you have to announce it. Hey, y’all, this just in. I’m really freaking happy. Oh and I’ve worked out a few times. I’m going to beat this thing once for all.

Great. One, we’ve heard this before and you still went right back to getting blasted. And two, why are you telling anyone in the first place? Why don’t you just do it? Wait, I can answer that. Because if he just did it, no one would react to it. Or talk about it. Or look at him.

And as much as he’s trying to convince us, he’s probably trying to convince himself even more.

I’m a much bigger fan of Johnny Football than I am Johnny Idiot Face. Don’t get me wrong, Johnny Idiot Face is the car wreck that I’m going to slow down to see; I’d be lying if I said otherwise: but I’m not rooting for it. And I hope he can get this squared away and turn his life around.

It’s just that we’ve heard this before from the guy. He said he was going to get sober last summer and was back to slamming drinks not long thereafter. So, this dude definitely isn’t going to get the benefit of the doubt.

Dry out bro. Given the resources you have and the countless people who want to help you, you have absolutely no reason not to. No one did this to you, you did it to yourself. Now you need to pull yourself out of it, John…  Get to work.


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