Remember earlier this week when Peter Carroll hopped on a local Seattle radio show, hours before his final presser, and nonchalantly told the hosts of that radio show that Richard Sherman had been playing the second half of the season with a strained mcl? And remember when he chased that, hours later at his presser, with this both-sides-of-his-mouth-fast-talking-nonsensical explanation? “I feel like I screwed up this up.” You did Peter. That’s not a feeling. That’s reality. And as DJ Khaled would say: You Played Yourself.

Now the NFL wants your second round draft. And they just might get it because you’re a repeat offender and already owe them a 5th round pick for having contact practices too early in the offseason not once—but twice.

You had to know that whole, “oh did I lie? I must have forgotten. He could play. But he was hurt. But he wasn’t really hurt. I don’t know. I think I screwed up,” explanation wasn’t going to make this go away.

And now, predictably, the NFL has shown up with their flashlights and their warrants and their crawling all over you. And you did it yourself.

First you didn’t disclose it–and then you went and casually disclosed it after the fact. Well done, Peter. I’m sure John Schneider and Paul Allen are going to be very happy with you. Because rebuilding that tissue thin offensive line is going to be a lot easier without than a second round pick.

People were already starting to wonder if the window was closing on the Seahawks. But no one thought the coach was trying to slam it shut, himself.

And, Peter–if you don’t think a guy can wear out his welcome if he’s got a ring to fall back on—just dial up Tom Coughlin when you get a minute. Or! Better yet, read the Wikipedia section on your time at USC.


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