I said before the game, I should pick the Falcons, but I can’t go against Aaron Rodgers. Not as well as he had been playing. But Packers coach Mike McCarthy said it best; they ran into a buzzsaw in Atlanta. And the Packers just gassed out.

They had nothing left. They were leaking oil and dropping engine parts coming in, and as soon as the game started, guys started going down again. And the last thing they could afford to do was fall behind an offense as explosive as the Falcons. Down 10-0, but about to punch it to make it a three point game, fullback Aaron Ripkowski, of all people, put on the ground. And Matt Ryan immediately right back down the field, and instead of it being 10-7, it’s 17-0. And there’s no way the Packers are coming back from that deficit, against that Falcon offense, in their house.

So Green Bay gassed out and mistakes killed them. And most importantly, they just got beat by a better team. Period. Given where they were after 10 games, the Packers had a great season. But no one question whether or not we have the two best teams in the league playing for it all in two weeks. We do.

And not that this is news to anyone: but Julio Jones is a freak. This guy is out there on a bum wheel, a half a toe and just lighting fools up and destroying suckers. With a jacked up turf toe. Did that guy look hurt to anyone? Mohamed Sanu said it best: “that guy’s an alien.”

The guy is an impossible match-up. And even if you find a way to slow him down or neutralize, it’s probably going to come at the expense of something else, because you can’t single him. If you do, he’ll kill you. And if you don’t Ryan will take advantage of one of his other countless weapons. The guy completed to 8 different receivers yesterday; and they can hit with two completely different running backs, but effective. And if you don’t get pressure on Ryan, and the Packers didn’t, he’ll kill you. And he did.



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