Bitter blow for Pittsburgh; to get to the AFC title game and have it unravel. But that’ll happen. Especially if you go up against Tom Brady. Especially, if the Steelers go up against Brady. The guy straight owns them.

Look at what’s done to them in the Mike Tomlin era. Brady has a 22-0 T.D. to Int. ratio during that time. And a passer rating near 130.  Seriously, as good as this guy is, I’d be hard-pressed to make an argument that he or anyone could put up those numbers against even the worst the team in the league over that period, much less one of the best. But he has. The guy owns the Steelers.

They knew what they had to do to have any shot in Foxboro they had to pressure Tom Brady like the Texans did the week before, but they weren’t able to do it.

Any legitimate shot they had winning, went down the drain when Le’Veon Bell went down in the first quarter.

And save this nonsense about next man up. There is no next man as it relates to that guy. DeAngelo Williams is a great option to bring in, but he can’t what Bell can do. No one can. He’s the best back in the league. He’s the guy dee coordinators have to scheme for. He drops and suddenly the Pats don’t have to worry about taking away option number one. And then Malcolm Butler takes away option, Antonio Brown…again. Ballgame, thanks for coming.

I’m not saying the Steelers would have won had Bell not gone down; I’m saying they had no chance without him.



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