Tom Brady is so good and everyone outside of New England, hates the Patriots so much, you just sort of gloss what this guy has achieved.

He’s about to play in his 7th Super Bowl not even play but Q.B. in his 7th Super Bowl?!  For a possible fifth ring?! Dude just dropped 3 T.D.’s and nearly 400 yards on the Steelers in the AFC Championship Game and everyone just shrugged.

And doing it at 39 and doesn’t look as he has lost anything at all. Looks as if he could do it until mid-40s.

Maybe there is something to avocado ice cream, recovery pajama’s and a no tomato regimen. In locking up his 7th Super Bowl appearance, he also locked up GOAT status, regardless of what happens in the game.

Even if he loses, winning 4 of 7 makes him the greatest ever. Aaron Rodgers is one of the best ever, with plenty of great football ahead of him. And he’s the most unique player I’ve ever seen at the position. But you lead your team to 7 Super Bowls, and you win, maybe five, you’re the best.

Don’t get it twisted. Super Bowl rings is not the only argument for defining greatest ever. Far from it. Would anyone say Eli Manning is better than Dan Marino? Of course not. But if you win five, that much pretty ends the conversation.

Hell, you get to 7, that pretty much ends the conversation as well.


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