There are certain things you can say and do. And certain things you can’t say or do. I present to you Exhibit A, Bengals corner Adam Jones.

I think we’d all agree, there’s no one quite like this dude. Either on or off the field. Just as I think we can all agree, he’s been a really effective player on it for a long time, but has at times, been deplorable off it.

But.. but… he’d have you believe that he’s done the hard work on himself… put in the time… turned his life around… learned from his past transgressions, some of which are pretty horrible. And that he is now a valued member of the community and a productive contributor to not only his team but society on the hole.

Look, I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t acknowledge that while I’ve hated some of things he’s done and choices he’s made, that I did laugh at some others.

Part of me, and I do feel guilty saying it, loves this guy. Loved when he admitted that he did have a coming to with Roger Goodell back in the day. And that Roger told Adam, he didn’t want him in the “scrip clubs” and Adam replied, that’s not a problem, you won’t see me in the “scrip clubs”

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think it was hilarious when he called Terrelle Pryor garbage and then went looking for him in a garbage can:


Just as I’d being lying if I said I didn’t think him telling Marcus Gilbert exactly where he could find  him then asking him, “what’s happen pad-nah!?”


We can either agree or disagree, but to me, all of that is funny.

But shouting down a police officer and hitting him a variety of profanities and racial slurs from a back of a police car after a Jan. 3 incident isn’t. Especially when it’s captured on vid by the dashboard cam:


What’s the saying.  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me…9 times.

I can remember interviewing Pac before the NFL draft: sat down and interviewed on TV: seems like a lifetime ago.

And yes, he’s done some pretty deplorable things: the Vegas nightclub nightmare where were lives were changed forever, where he spent a year suspended and paying millions to the victims. As well as a number of other transgressions.

Thing is, he did make changes. And better choices. And was a better person. And because he could play, he was given opportunity after opportunity. And made the most of them. But now after this 20 minutes, we’re essentially back to where we started. Not square one, but back to asking ourselves. Is this guy worth all this.

Is he worth another chance? And I’m going to say, even after all this, no.

Not with an apology to the Cincinnati PD, not with anger management counseling and not with any other spin coming from his lawyer. Not after telling the cop, “I hope you die tomorrow. And that he’d quote “spit on your ass if I could.”

And not if court documents are true and he later spit on a female nurse who was trying to examine him. At 33 and with a mountain of ugly history in the past, Pac’s run out of chances. And the only person he has to blame for it is himself. This isn’t funny, and it’s nothing to laugh at.

The Bengals have always stood by this guy after this, I don’t see how they can.


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