Idiot Face tweeted, “Yo, POTUS even I know how to stay away from notifications section on twitter.  S— will drive you crazy, lead the country and let them hate.” He then chased it with, “control what you can control and let the rest fall by the wayside.”

Johnny Manziel telling the President what to do is pretty rich. Him being right is even richer.

I especially like how he addressed him: Yo, POTUS.

And what are the odds that Trump responds? Even money? Manziel is likelier to get a response from the President of the United States than the President of an NFL team.

I’ll say this, though, for the first time in a while, he’s actually tweeting some stuff that makes sense.

Really, the smartest thing he did was delete his account briefly. But then he came back.

You really want to show the NFL and the world you’re ready to turn your life around? Ready to do the work necessary to get an NFL team to actually return your call? Then go ahead, delete your twitter account. Except this time, when you do it, mean it. And then delete every other social media account you have. It won’t get you an interview with an NFL team, but it will be a positive step towards showing folks you’re serious. And you’re about the right things. Doin work instead of doin shots. And then finally, stop telling us, just show us.

But him telling the POTUS not to look at his mentions and to just do his job, was the first thing Manziel has said in a long time that makes sense. But at least he has a job, John. Go to work John. Getting blasted isn’t going to pay the bills.


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