Pro Football Hall of Famer Jim Kelly has said he views New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady as the best who has ever played the position. With Brady preparing for the Atlanta Falcons in his record-setting seventh Super Bowl start next weekend, Kelly joined The Jim Rome Show and talked about the quarterback’s precision play and mind.

“His mechanics are something every quarterback, if you’re growing up, you want to watch and emulate. He just does everything perfectly,” Kelly said. “I love their system. It almost reminds me of when we played, the crossing routes, getting one on one matchups and knowing where to go with the football. And Tom’s a student of the game. I mean the guy is just amazing where he knows the matchups he has, he studies film, as I’ve been told, a lot. Which I think to be a great one, you have to be a student of the game, and he just knows where to go with the football when the time is right and I think that also makes him one of the best ever.

“His knowledge of the game is I think higher than anybody. He’s been in that system for so many years and that definitely helps.”

When asked if he has seen Brady’s play slip at all in his 17th year in the league, Kelly said, “I haven’t seen anything.”

“39 years old being able to do that,” Kelly marveled. “You look at his stats and I think the most impressive one is the interceptions, because he’s thrown the ball a lot, they’re winning because of the passing game, but to only throw a couple interceptions in the course of a whole season, and yeah, I know he missed four games, and it doesn’t really matter. Tom Brady can do what he wants and that’s probably, to me, is the most impressive thing that I see with him.”

Kelly also weighed in on his good friend Ben Roethlisberger and his hint about potentially retiring from the game this year. The former Bills quarterback believes Roethlisberger may be considering walking away, but also could be a little frustrated about how their season ended. Either way, Kelly will more than likely find out shortly, having a few vacations already planned with the Steelers leader.

“I know Ben’s been through a lot,” Kelly said. “I’ll be talking to him in a couple weeks because we will be snowmobiling at my lodge together, and then we have a nice trip planned in March to go Red Stag hunting with our bow. So we will be going a little archery hunting in New Zealand, so that will be fun.

“You never know. I mean, your body tells you one thing and your mind tells you another. I know eventually the body’s going to give out. The mind will always be there, or mostly, for most players especially the quarterback position, but you know sometimes your body really starts aching and saying it that soon after the season maybe that was his body telling him maybe we don’t need to do this anymore. I get it, I do understand, we will see, but I still think he has a couple good years left in him, without a doubt.”


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