The New York Knicks reportedly tried to move Melo for Kevin Love but were shut down by the Cavs.

ESPN reports the Knicks were prepared to go to Melo and get him to waive his no trade clause, but the Cavs weren’t interested in the deal.

Of course, they weren’t interested.

You know the Cavs were thinking, “wait, you want to give us your aging, ball hog in exchange for a guy who is four years younger, making less money and is a double-double every night.  A guy who played a big part in our championship run last year, and who’s playing even better this year. That’s what you’re suggesting Philip? Oh hell no!!” The Cavs probably didn’t even waste all that time with that response. They probably just laughed… followed by a click and a dial tone.

Does LeBron want this deal?:You might say that if LeBron wanted it to happen, it would.  Right. So clearly he doesn’t. They’re not playing well right now. And he’s made it clear, he wants help. Just not that kind of help.

He’s on record with what he wants, quote, “we need a (bleeping) playmaker,”

That’s not Melo. They need a guy to share and distribute the ball, Melo does neither. Bottom line, the Knicks are the same disaster they’ve been since Phil Jackson showed up. He obviously wants to move Melo, and he should. They haven’t gone anywhere with him, and aren’t going to either. And he’ll never have more trade value than he does right this second.

But he has a full no trade clause, so he’s calling the shots, not Philip. And Philip is the one who gave him that non-trade clause.

Just as Philip was the one who couldn’t build a team around Melo that was good enough to compete. So now, he wants to move him. And can’t. But just as long as the checks clear, ehhh Phil. What do you know? Life isn’t nearly as easy when you can’t just roll the ball out for 45. Or Kobe.


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