Carmelo Anthony has had an interesting week to say the least. With rumors swirling that New York Knicks President Phil Jackson is trying to trade him, Anthony’s ego took another blow yesterday, when, for the first time since 2009, he wasn’t named to an All-Star team. New York Daily News NBA writer Frank Isola joined The Jim Rome Show on Friday, and talked about the life of Carmelo Anthony.

“I think when he woke up today not an All-Star playing for a team that’s seven games under .500, he’s got his boss picking fights with him through the media, I’m sure this has to got to be a trying time for Carmelo Anthony,” Isola laughed. “Yes, he’s well compensated for it, but I’m sure he’s had better moments. And making the All-Star team has always been a big thing for him, making the playoffs has always been a big thing, and if they don’t make it this year with Carmelo on the team, it will be the fourth straight year. And I think he feels like he’s at the center of a controversy every other day a controversy that he didn’t start, and I think that bother him.”

Isola pointed out Jackson has creatively taken the spotlight off himself by inserting Anthony it.

“It kind of looks like to me by making everything about Carmelo Anthony, in some ways, it’s taken the focus off the job performance of Phil Jackson,” Isola said. “And that includes hiring the coach, and that’s been a struggle thus far for Jeff Hornacek, the Joakim Noah four-years $72 million, he made the trade for Derrick Rose, who while Derrick Rose has played well, he did go AWOL. He basically left the team, didn’t call. When he returned, the Knicks made the bizarre decision not to even suspend him for one single game. So all these moves belong to Phil Jackson, including Carmelo Anthony. He’s the one who re-signed him, he gave him the no-trade clause, but it seems like a way to make Carmelo the convenient scapegoat, that this is all about Carmelo once we get rid of him then things will finally turn around.”

Isola reported the Los Angeles Clippers were discussing a trade for Anthony with the Knicks that didn’t involve L.A.’s core of stars Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, or DeAndre Jordan. Isola talked about how the 32-year-old former NBA scoring champion would fit in with the Clippers’ Big 3.

“I think he would definitely help them. And I think being back on a team that’s a contending team and back in the playoffs, I think he will be rejuvenated,” Isola said. “When Carmelo was around the type of environment, and I think with his buddy Chris Paul there, and also Doc Rivers, I think the culture there is better than what they have in New York. If you go back to 2012 when Carmelo was surrounded by guys like Jason Kidd, and also Kurt Thomas, Marcus Camby, Rasheed Wallace, good solid veterans, he finished 3rd in the MVP voting. And let’s not forget the head coach of that team was Mike Woodson, who right now is the assistant coach with the Clippers, so I think it would be a very good situation for him.”


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