It’s one thing to try to and trade your franchise player. It’s another to just try to give him away. And that’s exactly what it looks like a desperate Phil Jackson is doing with Carmelo Anthony.

First, came word that he was trying to ship him to Cleveland in exchange for Kevin Love. I get that. The Knicks are horrible. And that Melo is not a Phil guy. Or player. And they need to get better and younger. And his value will never be higher than it is now. And that Kevin Love is a great player. A player who helped the Cavaliers win a world championship last year and who is playing even better this year. And he’s younger. And will actually try every night, on both ends of the floor. All reasons the Cavaliers have no interest in making that deal. And I wouldn’t either.

But if you’re Jackson, you had to try. Just like he had to try Boston, who apparently has no interest in Melo either. Come to find out, pretty much no one does. Or if they do, they’re looking to take advantage of Philip’s desperation and are looking to steal him.  For next to nothing. How else do you explain Jackson reportedly being willing to ship him to the Clippers without getting Chris Paul, Blake Griffin or DeAndre Jordan in return.

He’s willing to move his marquee star and doesn’t need any of the Clippers’ stars in return?! Why not just leave Melo on the curb outside MSG with a sign around his neck that says, “If you can haul you have it.”?!

That’s $124 million being sold for pennies on the dollar. Melo being dumped for spare parts.

The Zenmaster throwing on a blue light special, doing anything and everything he can to get out of the five-year deal — with a full no-trade clause — that he gave to Melo in the summer of 2014.

Hard to blame Melo.  He’s the same cat he’s always been. Should have known that before you signed him to that huge contract and gave him a complete no trade clause to boot. That guy’s not changing for anyone or anything. Especially with all that guaranteed jack and the right to veto any and all trades. So this really isn’t even on him. You know what you’re getting when you lock this guy in. Or at least you should have.

Then again, isn’t this why Knicks brought Philip in and paid him such crazy jack? To make sure things like this didn’t happen?! They’re not paying you all that insane jack, Philip, to play mind games with your best player, engage in petty feuds, thumb out weird tweets and make an already dysfunctional organization, even worse. And especially to extend a guy that you can’t build around, isn’t going to get you anywhere, and then give him a full no trade clause.

Now Melo’s got the final say. He’ll be the one to ultimately decide if he’s willing to head to LA and play for the Clips or if he wants to let those checks keep clearing and stay in New York. But on a day where Melo found out he didn’t even make the All-Star game, he’s also getting a rude awakening — he’s on the discount rack. No one has fallen farther, faster.  And you wonder if the guy even knows or even cares.


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