A.J. Hinch

Info & Stats: Houston Astros Manager

All Topics: Radio Row | Jeff Bagwell’s HOF announcement | Bagwell’s batting stance | Adding Brian McCann in the off-season | His playing career | Being a manager now | Players’ salaries today |

Jan 31st 2017

AJ on today’s player salaries: “They earn every dollar they get.”



June 28th 2016

All Topics: Carlos Correa’s talent | Allowing his hitters to be themselves in 3-0 counts | Managing | Personality of the team has to be formed over time | Correa only being 21 | Season struggles | It being a long season | Playing better | Being over .500 now | Meeting Muhammad Ali in 1996 Olympics |

A.J on Carlos Correa: “He tries to do everything.”


Feb 19th 2016

All Topics: 2nd Season as Houston’s manager | Returning a lot of guys | 2015 Season being so enjoyable for him | 2016 expectations | Carlos Correa | Correa’s upside | Correa wants to be great | Dallas Keuchel | Keuchel’s influence on everyone | The death of Tony Phillips | Playing with Phillips | Family bond |

A.J. on his 2015 Season: “My most enjoyable year in baseball.”


Apr 30th 2015

All Topics: Everything is better when you’re playing better baseball | Young players on his roster | Some of the younger guys didn’t experience the past few losing seasons | Just being your best today | Being a tough team to game plan against | Keeping everyone loose | Learning a lot from his Arizona experience | Being pretty even keel | Kirk Gibson being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease | Changing as a manager | Being a wine guy

A.J. on his 2015 Astros: “We’re a tough team to game plan against.”


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