Derek Carr’s season ending leg injury in Week 16 can’t take away from the third year quarterback’s rise in play. One fan of the young quarterback is former Oakland Raiders linebacker Bill Romanowski. He stopped by The Jim Rome Show live from Super Bowl Radio Row in Houston to both praise Carr and share his expectations for the 25-year-old.

“What he did is he took that next leap. In his third year, he went from being a good football player to being a great one,” Romanowski said. “And this next year he has to take it up another notch, because there were times in games where he had to turn it on in the fourth quarter to be able to get a victory. They came back in seven games this past year, and he had to turn it on.”

In fact, Romanowski says the entire team needs to play complete games.

“I want to see them literally be able to go from the first snap to the end of the game to be able to be non-stop like relentless,” Romanowski said. “Like we’re going to take you down, we’re going to beat you so badly and there’s nothing you can do about it. They had that ability and that talent and they didn’t do that. They got wins, but they didn’t dominate people.”

The four-time Super Bowl champion also credits head coach Jack Del Rio for the Raiders rise one again.

“Jack brought that and that’s one thing I love and respect about Jack Del Rio is he changed the culture in Oakland,” Romanowski said. “And they do, they go into games feeling like if they play their game they’re going to win. Now, I want to see them go into this next season with one goal, and one goal only, and that’s to win a world championship. Nothing less is acceptable and we’re going to go in and kick the living crap out of every team we play.

“We’re going to beat you in the trenches. We’re going to dominate you mano a mano, man to man, there’s nothing you can do. And you know what I’d like to see them do, I’d like to see the offensive line get up and tell the defense, hey we’re going to run it to the left, try and stop it.”


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