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All Topics: Radio Row | Back in Houston | Life in Houston right now | Crazy football mama | Crazy football wife back in the day | Docu series on the family | Hark Knocks Peete style | Concussions | Raiders future in Oakland
Jan 31st 2017

Holly on her husband Rodney Peete’s NFL exit to everyday life: “Hard transition.”


Jan 29th 2015

All Topics: Radio Row | Crazy Football Mama still | Having the entire family in Phoenix with her | Autism | Martellus Bennett | Odell Beckham Jr. | Brent Grimes’ wife twitter rant | The NFL’s stance on domestic violence | Grimes’ wife was completely out of hand | Wife of a starting quarterback in the NFL | Marshawn Lynch | Lynch’s act on media day wasn’t cool |

Holly on Odell Beckham Jr.: “I’m a big fan.”


Jan 31st 2014

All Topics: Radio Row | Stocking Jim for years | Favorite hit of the year is The Jim Rome Show | Always have something going | Super Bowl matchup | Taking Denver | Offense beats defense this Sunday | Peyton Manning | Peyton has a chip on his shoulder | Omaha! Omaha! | Richard Sherman | Sherman’s post-game interview was over the line | Hated all of Sherman’s antics after the Niners game | Skittles boy who is not talking | Media |

Holly on Richard Sherman’s post-game interview: “It was completely over the line.”


Feb 1st 2013

All Topics: Radio Row | It’s good to be home in the Jungle | Loves football | Her dad being a diehard Eagles fan | Rodney losing the Super Bowl was like a funeral | Getting to the dance | Football wife in Philadelphia | Thank god there was no social media when Rodney was playing or she would have got him cut | Her aunt Jane yelling at her husband during a game | WIP | Loves Social Media | Crazy Football Mama being her alter ego | Being a football psycho on the weekend | Home gating | Joe Flacco’s retarded comments made her mad | Likes the Baltimore Ravens | Colin Kaepernick |  Tattoos | Last night | Lil Wayne | Had alligator last night | Manti Te’o hoax |

Holly on being in the Jungle: “It’s good to be home Jim.”


May 07, 2010:

Topics: Apprentice experience | Have to get mean on the show | Daryl Strawberry and Michael Johnson couldn’t cut it | Cyndi Lauper is ferocious | Has become good friends with Bret Michaels | Her book about Autism ‘My Brother Charlie’ | How her and Rodney handled the Autism diagnosis of their son | NFL Draft Talk | Loves Suh and Tebow | Twitter | Jim’s her boyfriend in her head | Hates Donovan McNabb trade | The Philly Fan deserved to be tasered


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