Ian Rapoport

Info & Stats:  NFL Network Insider

All Topics: Radio Row | Tom Brady Sr. on his son | Tom Brady’s motivation | New England vs. Atlanta | Super Bowl 51 | Bill Belichick’s future in the league | Belichick’s coaching tree not being successful | San Francisco 49ers hiring John Lynch Jr. as General Manager and Adam Peters | Raiders possible move to Las Vegas now in doubt | Kirk Cousins future in DC | Ben Roethlisberger

Jan 31st 2017

Ian on Bill Belichick: “As good as ever.”


Feb 5th 2016

All Topics: Radio Row | Good week | Johnny Manziel | Manziel’s dad saying if his son doesn’t get help he will be dead by 24 | Manziel’s ex claims | Manziel’s friends | Manziel getting fired by his agent | Super Bowl 50 | Peyton Manning |

Ian on Johnny Manziel’s situation: “Undercurrent of sadness.”


Jan 20th 2015

All Topics: Reaction to Deflate-Gate | The public’s reaction to the Pats being involved in Deflate-Gate | Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas’ injuries | Russell Wilson’s play late in the NFC Championship game | Marshawn Lynch’s future in Seattle | Lynch may still end up back in Seattle next season | Lynch’s charity | Marshawn and the media | Peyton Manning’s future | Denver hiring Gary Kubiak | Adam Gase was Peyton’s guy | Peyton playing somewhere else?  |

Ian on if Russell Wilson may become the highest paid player in the game: “I’m hearing it’s very likely.”


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