Mike Freeman

Info & Stats: BleacherReport.com NFL Columnist

All Topics: Radio Row | Super Bowl 51 | New England Patriots | Atlanta Falcons | Matt Ryan’s a choker |

Jan 31st 2017

Mike on Matt Ryan: “Choker.”


Jan 16th 2017

All Topics: Antonio Brown Facebook Living Mike Tomlin’s post game speech | Tomlin going off on the New England Patriots | Aaron Rodgers is better than anyone we’ve seen maybe | Rodgers’ greatness | Kansas City vs. Pittsburgh playoff ending |

Mike joins Jim and talks Playoffs.


Nov 7th 2016

All Topics: Oakland Raiders success | Ken Stabler Hall of Fame situation | Jerry Jones ain’t playing no Tony Romo | Dallas making organizational changes | Dak Prescott is the guy in Dallas | Romo in Cleveland next year | Cleveland is really good for a winless team | Green Bay Packers situation | Aaron Rodgers

Mike on the Dallas Cowboys quarterback situation: “Ain’t playing no damn Tony Romo.”


Oct 4th 2016

All Topics: Odell Beckham Jr.’s attitude after MNF loss to Minnesota | Teams trying to agitate | Odell Beckham Jr. is a dirty player | Minnesota Vikings defense | Teddy Bridgewater injury hasn’t hurt the Vikings |

Mike on Odell Beckham Jr.: “He’s letting guys get to him.”


All Topics: Le’Veon Bell’s weed comments | Reaction from around the league about RG3 being named Cleveland’s starter | Trent Richardson’s fall | Richardson on and off the field | Richardson’s friends and family |

Aug 23rd 2016

Mike talks NFL Training Camp, Cleveland, and more.


June 16th 2016

All Topics: Cleveland | Dreams are destroyed in Cleveland | Fletcher Cox’s new contract with Philadelphia | Carson Wentz being locked in a bathroom | Von Miller’s contract status | Denver is going to be bad this year | Oakland turning things around | J.J Watt tweeting a shirtless picture | Kirk Cousins | Eugene Monroe’s marijuana stance | Thinks 50% of the NFL use smoke marijuana

Mike on Fletcher Cox’s new deal in Philly: “It’s going to set ripples around the league.”


Apr 21st 2016

All Topics: Carolina Panthers rescinding Josh Norman’s franchise tag | Something more to why Norman was allowed to test free agency | Carolina’s locker room’s reaction to Norman being able to leave | Norman’s suitors | Cleveland trading their No. 2 to Philly | Howie Roseman just did what he said last year you shouldn’t do | Cleveland doing something smart | Denver Broncos quarterback situation

Mike on Josh Norman being a free agent: “He will get a lot of interest no question.”


Feb 2nd 2016

All Topics: Radio Row | Justin Tuck and Calvin Johnson retiring | Players retiring earlier now | CTE Effect | Long term impact of CTE | Pro Bowl | Last week’s Pro Bowl being the worst he’s ever seen | Pro Bowl generates money still | Super Bowl media day | Cam Newton | Thinks Newton is a genuine good guy | People have issues with Newton | Peyton Manning | Super Bowl 50 | Thinks Carolina destroys Denver |

Mike on last weekend’s Pro Bowl: “That was the worst.”


Jan 25th 2016

All Topics: AFC Championship Game | Beautiful low scoring defensive game between Denver and New England | Tom Brady’s performance | Officiating Gronk | New England going for it on 4th down late in the game and not converting | Carolina vs. Arizona | Carolina being favored over Denver | Can’t count Peyton Manning out |

Mike talks NFL Championship games.


Dec 7th 2015

All Topics: Week 13 | Seattle is officially back | Russell Wilson’s play | Wilson’s play getting better without Marshawn Lynch | Thomas Rawls | New England losing two in a row | Twitter | Martavis Bryant comment | Johnny Manziel | Brock Osweiler

Mike on if Cam Newtown is his MVP: “He is number one to me.”




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