Info & Stats: NASCAR Driver

All Topics: Radio Row | Winning his 7th title | Time off | Ready to get back to work | Feels like he’s playing with house money now in his career | Life away from the track | Daytona 500

Feb 1st 2017

Jimmie on his career now: “Playing with house money.”


Nov 22nd 2016

All Topics: 7-time NASCAR sprint champ | Final race at Homestead-Miami | Not leading any lap in the final race until late | Didn’t think Sunday was his day | Late wreck | Re-start | Game 7 moment | Being mentioned with the likes of Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt Sr. | Earnhardt Jr.’s compliments after the race | His peers respect | Meeting Jeff Gordon for the first time |

Jimmie on winning his 7th NASCAR Sprint Cup championship: “Still tingling when I’m talking about it.”


Nov 2nd 2016

All Topics: Winning over weekend | Success on track | Aerodynamics | Thinking about titles | Denny Hamlin | Triathlon | 15th anniversary

Jimmie on chasing history: “I can’t hide from it anymore.”


All Topics: Wrapped up a spot for the Chase that starts in two weeks | Struggled the last few races | Expecting a daughter shortly | Hoping his daughter arrives before the race | 10 race stretch | Momentum heading into the Chase | His conditioning has been ramping up | Overall mindset through the Chase | Sleep | NASCAR fans | His merch sales will rival anyone in the sport | Boos and cheers in the stands | Better driver today than ever | Meeting other star athletes | NASCAR being safer than the NFL |

Aug 30th 2013

Jimmie on love/hate he gets from NASCAR fans: “As long as their making noise, it’s all that matters.”


Feb 25th 2013

All Topics: Winning his second Daytona 500 | His family | The challenge in plate racing | Terrifying wreck on Saturday during the Nationwide race | Thoughts and prayers go out to the fans who were involved in the wreck | We never expect the fans to be in harm’s way | Drivers except the risk of injury not fans | New Gen-6 car | His car | Battling Brad Keselowski | Jr. making a run at him on the last lap | Danica Patrick’s race yesterday | Danica’s commitment |

Jimmie on Saturday’s wreck during the Nationwide race: “We never expect the fans to be in harm’s way.”


Feb 22nd 2013

All Topics: Daytona 500 | The Daytona 500 being so special | His history at Daytona | Trying to get another championship | 2012 Season | It’s not easy to win championships | Feels like he’s doing the best driving of his career | They are a better race team today than they were in 2006 | Track experience | His wife | Having support at home |  The new Gen 6 car | His workout regimen | Getting older | Having a clear mind and being focused | His diet now | Endurance training | Olympic Triathlon |

Jimmie on what makes the Daytona 500 so special: “Everybody is paying attention.”


Jun 22, 2011:

Jimmie on Rory McIlroy: “I think he’s the real deal.”


Dec 02, 2010:

Topics: What 5 means to him | Enjoying the ride in Vegas for Championship week right now | So much competition this year down the stretch | 11 Car | There were times when he thought the streak would end | Hendricks and Jeff Gordon signing him back in the day | Is running down the record of 7 championships possible? | There are so many variables that go into winning a Championship | Lance Armstrong | Advice from Lance | NASCAR ratings dropping is confusing |


Jan 26, 2010:

Topics: Near the top or on top? | Getting to the top and staying there | Richard Petty’s statement on Jimmie | Intimidating other driver’s on the track | The target proverbially on his back | The HBO show and it’s impact promoting the sport | Concerns over the competitor’s taking away from what they learn from the show | Granting access when so many fight it | The way he climbs up and back down the ladder | New rules this season | Payback opportunities on the track.


Dec 17, 2009:

TOPICS: Randy Moss shutting it down? | Moss carrying his wounds onto the field | Bill Belichick’s handling of the situation | Vinny Cerrato stepping down from the Redskins; Dan Synder’s next play | Money speaking for the next head coach | Relationship with Jerry Jones | Jones a good football man? | Not at any point hiring Jimmy back to the Cowboys | Mixed feelings about coaching | Being received at South Florida | Winning and graduation rate; issues between administration and football team | Reaction to Jerome Brown.


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