E! News host and noted New England Patriots fan Maria Menounos is nervous but confident in how her favorite team will play against the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI. Menounos joined The Jim Rome Show from Stub Hub Live’s Houston Huddle Party on Sunday and warned her fellow Patriots fans who may be over-confident.

“I don’t think that at any point we should be cocky to think we got this in the bag, and when people say we’re going to blow them out, I’m like who? Have you watched the Falcons, they’re a great team,” Menounos said.

The NFL’s newest MVP, Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan, has Menounos very worried.

“He scares me. He has fierceness in his eyes and he is hungry to take Tom [Brady] down,” Menounos said. “Now that being said, there is no smarter team and coach than the Patriots and Bill Belichick, so I know that Bill Belichick has worked the last two weeks, morning, noon, and night to figure out a way to beat this incredible team, and I have the confidence that they will. But it will be tight, and it will be difficult and listen, if we get a blowout, I’m not going to complain. But they are a great team, and we should never underestimate them. I will say I’m kind of happy Matt Ryan won the MVP because it’s only going to make us angrier.”

Menounos talked about what it would be like if the Pats were to win the Super Bowl, forcing NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to take the stage with Tom Brady.

“It’s not just Patriots fans that want to see that. I’ve heard every fan across the board, they’re like, ‘Listen, I really don’t care about the Patriots, but I really want to see Goodell hand that over.’” Menounos said. “I think Goodell is magically going to get the flu at the last minute. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t think he has the cajones to actually do it.”

The New York Times best-selling author called Goodell a ‘wuss’ for not showing up in Foxborough for the AFC Championship Game, and predicts it won’t go well for him the next time he comes to Gillette Stadium, something the Commissioner deserves over how he handled Deflategate, she said.

“I see tomatoes flying, I see eggs flying,” Menounos said. “He’s going to get what’s coming to him because this was a complete injustice. This was insanity. People do really horrendous things and don’t get a four-game suspension. This was completely just nonsensical.”

The Sirius XM host also talked about her bet with noted Falcons fan and actor Aaron Paul.

“The bet is whoever loses has to carry a baby egg of the winning quarterback. So If I lose I’d have to carry a Matt Ryan decorated egg for seven days and I can’t let it go,” Menounos said. “And then I added this, I’m like listen, I’m on TV, I can’t carry an egg seven days a week. This isn’t going to work, I said, so we need an out. The out is if you want to end it earlier you have to smash the egg on your head on Instagram and there’s video proof. So that’s our deal. I can’t wait to see Aaron Paul smash an egg.”


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