Info & Stats:  Former NFL Quarterback and current Bleacher Report Columnist

All Topics: Super Bowl 51 Reaction | Greatest collapse and comeback | New England Patriots make everyone play four quarters | Patriots depth | Kyle Shanahan’s play calling in the fourth quarter | Dan Quinn’s game | Atlanta allowing Tom Brady to pick them apart | Atlanta feels like they lost a family member today | Bill Belichick’s greatness | New England is the greatest football dynasty ever |

Feb 6th 2017

Chris on Kyle Shanahan getting heat over his late Super Bowl play calling: “I don’t get it.”



Dec 5th 2016

All Topics: Cam Newton being benched for the first series over a dress code violation | Earl Thomas injury | Seattle’s offense still scares him | Derek Carr’s play | Carr should be the favorite to win the MVP | New England | Brock Osweiler

Chris on Seattle’s offense: “Still scares me at times.”


Jan 18th 2016

All Topics: Ben Roethlisberger’s play vs. Denver in AFC Divisional playoff | Aqib Talib saying Roethlisberger was healthy as hell | Peyton Manning’s play vs. Pittsburgh | Peyton looked solid | Manning needing to take care of the football | New England vs. Denver | Doesn’t think Denver can beat New England | Josh McDaniels having Wade Phillips’ number in past matchups | Tom Brady | Peyton Manning’s release doesn’t last the test of time | Cam Newton | Newton is the MVP |

Chris on Peyton Manning’s play: “He looks solid.”


Feb 2nd 2015

All Topics: Super Bowl XLIX | Seattle’s play call at the Pats 1 with under a minute left in the game | Being the bitch boy in New England | Bill Belichick’s life was dedicated to stopping the West Coast Offense | Russell Wilson’s interception | Shocked Seattle didn’t give the ball to Lynch at the 1 | Bill Belichcik and Josh McDaniels were the difference in the Super Bowl | Belichick is the greatest coach of all time | Tom Brady is the most accomplished quarterback in the NFL | John Elway was about as clutch as there was | Elway could take below average teams to the Super Bowls | Thinks Deflategate can still come back to bite New England in the butt |

Chris on Seattle electing to throw on the Pats 1 with less than a minute to play in Super Bowl XLIX:  “I’m still shocked they didn’t run the football.”


Nov 12th 2014

All Topics: His Top 5 quarterbacks in the NFL | Having Aaron Rodgers as his No. 1 QB | Rodgers is heads and shoulders ahead of everyone | Intangibles of a quarterback | Peyton Manning in the postseason | Manning’s greatness sometimes hurts him | Manning, Drew Brees, Tom Brady are getting up there in age | Russell Wilson is in his Top 5 | His time in New England | Working 16 hour days | Bill Belichick | His ruptured spleen injury | Bitter about his injury at times still | His future

Chris on Bill Belichick: “To me he’s the greatest coach in the history of the NFL.”


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