As president of Raider Nation, hip-hop mogul Ice Cube said he was ecstatic about his Silver and Black’s 2016 season. The actor/producer joined The Jim Rome Show on Wednesday and talked about how his Raiders exceeded expectations in making the postseason for the first time since the 2002 season.

“It was so sweet, it was almost like we won the Super Bowl,” Cube said. “Because at the beginning of the season, I was just hoping for 8-8. I was like if we go 8-8, I’m going to be out here dancing in the streets, but going 12-4 even though my man Derek Carr got hurt right before the playoffs, it just felt good to be in the playoffs and for the Raiders to be back.”

However, reports of the Raiders possibly moving to Las Vegas isn’t something Cube is excited about or can make sense of.

“I’ll go anywhere to see the Raiders, I’ll go to Oakland, I just don’t understand, and help me out, why can’t they tear down that prison that they play in in Oakland and build them a great stadium right there? What’s the problem?” Cube asked. “Your fan base is right there. Me, I would love for you to come to L.A. I could just drive a few miles to the stadium, but I don’t mind coming to Oakland. That’s where it all began. Al Davis would love for a new stadium to be right there. Hey, let’s do it.”

When it comes to the one of the Raiders’ biggest rivals, the Chargers, moving to Los Angeles, the Rock And Roll Hall of Famer wasn’t very thrilled.

“I don’t know what the NFL was thinking to let this happen, but the NFL is going to start having to help these dudes buy stadiums and build stadiums with all that money, because all this moving around, leaving the enemy, coming to your town and you having to root for them, it’s terrible,” Cube said. “I shouldn’t have to be subjected to hearing Los Angeles Chargers. I already got the Clippers. San Diego, stop sending us your rejects, man, please. Please keep ‘em, we don’t want ’em.”

Along with his new movie Fist Fight, which hits theaters February 17th, Ice Cube also co-founded a professional 3-on-3 basketball league called Big3, which begins June 24th. Cube explained why he initially got involved in the league.

“Just being a fan, sick of seeing guys retiring too soon. Some guys still got game. Some guys don’t even know they retired, they just don’t get the phone call no more. I know it’s heartbreaking as a player, but as a fan, it’s just the same,” Cube said. “So I say, so why can’t these guys play? It’s the schedule. The NBA schedule is pretty grueling. 100 games sometimes, back-to-back’s, three games in four nights stuff. So I was like yo, what about three-on-three basketball? That’s what we all grew up playing, that’s what the country really grew up learning how to play, team basketball, three-on-three. So I said, let’s do this professionally. Let’s get these guys a stage, so we doing it half-court, we got a two-point shot, three-point shot, and a four-point shot, and we’re going to go around the country like the UFC, or something like that, where all the games are played in the same arena. Eight teams, so you will see four games, 40 of your favorite NBA players and coaches, it will just be a fun time. I think it’s going to be great.”

The league already has some big time former players on board, headlined by Allen Iverson. Being the diehard Lakers fan that he is, Ice Cube was asked if there’s any chance he could convince recently retired Kobe Bryant to play in the league.

“I don’t think anybody can convince Kobe to suit up. Kobe’s going to have to convince Kobe,” Cube said. “Kobe, I’m pretty sure he’s going to watch and see how we do it. Of course it’s the dream to get all the guys who are close to retiring or just retired to play one day, so hopefully he gets the itch and maybe he will come down and want to be a part of the Big3 and show that he can still do it high level. It’s once a week, so there’s no wear and tear, each game is to sixty, so come out and see what you got, man.”


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