Philip and Melo are at it again: Well, mostly Philip is at it again, cracking Melo publicly.

Bleacher Report pushed out a column questioning Carmelo Anthony’s desire to win while concluding Jackson and the Knicks, quote “can’t want for Anthony what he doesn’t want deeply for himself.”

Jackson obviously read Kevin Ding’s column, tweeting, “Bleacher’s Ding almost rings the bell, but I learned you don’t change the spot on a leopard with Michael Graham in my CBA daze.”

In other words, Philip can’t reach Melo. Can’t get him to do what he wants him to do. Or needs him to do. Can’t get him to do anything other than what Melo wants to do.

Jackson obviously wants Melo to be something he’s not. Wants him to be like Kobe. Or Mike. Hired assassins. Killers. And dudes who have a complete game. And will play both ends of the floor. And actually go to the boards. You know, the dude who Melo has never been, playing the game, that Melo has never had.

But Jackson, in his arrogance, thought he could be the one to reach Melo when no one else could. Why else would he have given him that crazy extension, with a no-trade clause?! Because he thought if he could handle dudes like Kobe and Mike, he could deal with Melo too. He could get Melo to play within the confines of the triangle, like Kobe and Mike. And maybe even get him to share the ball and play some defense. Ehhhh!

But he was wrong. Melo doesn’t give a damn what Jackson says. He doesn’t care what anyone says. And winning obviously isn’t this dude’s top priority. It’s probably not even in his top ten priorities.

And Jackson has no one to blame for giving Melo that $124 million dollar deal, and  no trade clause but himself. Because this is the guy Melo has always been. Winning is just not that important to him. Not like it was to Kobe or Mike or even LeBron.

But I’ll tell you what is important to him. Playing and living in New York… and being the man. And jacking up as many shots as he can. And not sharing the ball, and playing little or no  defense and refusing to hit the boards. And once all those boxes are checked, if a ring is in the works, great, if not, that’s great too. Just as long as he’s in New York, playing on the big stage and being the man.


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