As much as you want to clown the Hoodie for taking just 5 or 10 minutes to enjoy his and their best win ever, before mumbling, ‘We’re on to 2017. We’re on to 2017.” You have to respect it.

That’s quintessential hoodie. And you have to respect it. And understand that’s why he’s the best ever.

Sure, there might be other coaches that hit it as hard as this guy. Want it as badly as this guy. But there’s no one who wants it more. And no one who is smarter… and better at running their program. And no one else who has the best q.b., if not the best player ever, under center.

And that’s what makes the Hoodie better than anyone else who has ever done it. He works harder, he’s more detailed, he’s smarter and has a better process than anyone else.

Only question left is, how much longer does he want to do it? Will he do it as long as Brady, and then bounce? And if that’s the case, how much longer does Brady want to do it? His wife reportedly has been urging him to retire. I can see that. There’s never been a dude who has given more to it than Brady. Pretty much his entire life revolves around the game; he literally has every day of his life mapped out for the next three years. Literally, every decision this guy makes is based on whether or not it’s going to help or hurt him on the football field. That commitment has to wear on a family. You could see where Gisele wants her husband back. He’s probably a football widow. And doesn’t want him to take any more physical punishment than he already has.

Just as you can see where Brady isn’t going to stop. He just won his fifth ring. You know he wants to be in 45’s neighborhood with six, and blow by him for 7 if he can. You know the saying, better to leave a little early then to stay too long? If he bounces now he’s not leaving a little early; he’d be leaving in his prime. He may be approaching 40 but he’s never played better. He’s coming off one of his best seasons ever, just won another ring, and was the Super Bowl MVP. Again. And the guy still loves it.

It seemed ridiculous when he first said he could play until he was 45. Now, I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t try. Because this is just a different dude with a much different plan. And process.

Peyton Manning was approaching 40 and played like he was in his late 50s. Brady’s approaching 40 but looks and plays like he’s in his late 20s.  I’m not sure how it ends or when it ends, I just know Brady and Belichick aren’t ready for it to end. Because both are the GOATS and neither have been any better than they are right now. These dudes aren’t going anywhere. And as long as they’re both there, they’ll always be a threat.


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