Just another night at Madison Square Garden. The Knicks blow a fourth quarter lead. Carmelo Anthony is brushing off another twitter attack from the team president. And Charles Oakley is forcibly removed from the premises.

For as interesting as the Knicks train wreck has been this season — and after years of ineptitude, you’ve got to give this season high marks for originality — we’ve seen a version of this garbage again and again and again. But Oak? Escorted out of MSG in handcuffs after allegedly heckling owner James Dolan? Sign me the hell up.

The team will have you think that Oak was out of control. That he needs “help.” That’s rich — the Knicks deciding SOMEONE ELSE needs help.


Oak is a NEW YORK HERO today. Oak showed more fight in MSG in the first 5 minutes of the game than the Knicks have since when — John Starks? And while I’m never a proponent of putting your hands on someone unless you absolutely need to, let’s just be happy that there was no loss of life involved. Because from the moment that pudgy, do-nothing bozo James Dolan sent his goons over to remove Oak from his seats — he made a choice. And that’s a choice not too many people walk away from. Sure Oak got a little aggressive. But those sweaty little goons survived a swim with Jaws. And Oak told them what was gonna happen.

Because I’ve heard some terrifying “it’s time to go” lines. But add a new one to the top of the list. Because of all the pre-fight smack you might here, I’m not sure there’s ANYTHING scarier than hearing what Charles Oakley reportedly told a fan seated nearby.


If Charles Oakley is telling somebody to hold his watch, the room is gonna get turned upside down. If Oak is rolling up the sleeves and taking off the time piece, you best run a 100-yard dash and not look back. And after watching the video of Oak — who at 53 still might be one of the 10 baddest dudes on the planet — give that power lean and finger push to the face, then ALLOW a swarm of security to whisk him away from the screaming crowd that was LOVING IT ALL, Dolan was lucky he didn’t need to call the National Guard in.

The Knicks handled this like you thought they would: TERRIBLY. That stupid PR release. The charges that’ll probably be dropped by the weekend. But the hero of the day is Charles Oakley. Hell — there were COPS DEMANDING HE BE RELEASED: One was chanting! “Free Charles Oakley! Free Charles Oakley!”

Again, Oak shouldn’t have put his hands on anyone. I don’t condone that. And he can’t do that. But today, he’s practically a hero, and that’s just another BLACK EYE for the Knicks organization who are once again, one of the biggest jokes in all of sports. They couldn’t treat their former players any worse not be any more of an embarrassment to themselves.


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