And you know Philip was loving every minute of the Oak episode. It got people to look away from the trainwreck that is his team and his horrible handling of Carmelo Anthony.

To briefly reset, Jackson is the one who gave Anthony that huge deal. And a full no trade clause. And when he couldn’t get him play the way he wanted and be the guy he wanted, he turned on him. Now he’s cracking him publicly again and thumbing out pithy little tweets about him. The kind of stuff he used to pull as a coach, but could get away with when he rolled out the ball out to Kobe, and Mike. Believe me, it was beneath him then, but he got away with it when he was ripping off 11 championships. But not anymore.

This cat is in way over his head. And is completely out of line. I haven’t seen anything like this Donald Sterling was heckling his own player, Baron Davis.

So what’s Phil doing here? Either he’s a huge jerk. Or he’s trying to aggravate Melo enough to get him to waive his no trade clause… the one he gave him. Or he’s trying to get himself fired. Or all the above.

And if he’s trying to trade the guy, even Philip has to know killing him publicly is doing nothing to enhance his trade value. Just as he has to know that treating his hall of famer like this publicly is going make it impossible to get any free agents who matter to go there and play for the Knicks as long as Jackson is calling the shots. He couldn’t get anyone who mattered to go there or coach there even before he started pulling this crap.

Again, Philip has been a disaster in New York. Dude was pretty legit as long he could just roll the ball out of Kobe or Mike. But just another guy, when he can’t.

And you know he’d just quit and go home if there wasn’t so much of Dolan’s money sitting there on the table for him.


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