Hour 1

New York Dysfunction | Chris Collins (College Basketball) Interview | KD’s OKC Return


Hour 2

Rog Goodell Bent At Pats And Patricia | Bob Melvin (MLB) Interview | Sean McVay (NFL) Interview


Hour 3

HawkAFINA’s 10 K | Jetes Becoming A Father | HawkAFINA Reaction



Sean McVay

Rams leader on being a head coach in the NFL: “Means everything.”


Bob Melvin

Oakland Manager on Sonny Gray’s 2016 Season: “Very difficult year for him.”


Chris Collins

Head Coach on Coach K’s advice to him after taking Northwestern job: “You have to be you.”



Stay Classy, Jim

Just when you thought Jim Dolan and the Knicks couldn’t look any worse for forcibly removing Charles Oakley from their building, and having the guy arrested. They do.
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KD’s Return To OKC

Kevin Durant finally returned to Oklahoma City and the game and the night went exactly as you’d expect it to go. The Thunder fans were giant babies and the Warriors laid a beat down on them.
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For the first weekend since August, there was no football.
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Yeah, Jeets!

Celebrity baby announcements generally don’t ding my radar. Check that—they do. But they don’t make the show.
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