Kevin Durant finally returned to Oklahoma City and the game and the night went exactly as you’d expect it to go. The Thunder fans were giant babies and the Warriors laid a beat down on them. Just as everyone expected.

Look, Thunder fans have been among the best in the league. They’ve been a great story. But to me, that was embarrassing.

I get it. He rejected you. You’re still wounded. And I’d expect you’d have a little something for the guy. Go ahead and boo the guy. That’s fine. But I expected you to be better than all that lame cupcake and “koward” with a K-D smack. Better than, according to KD’s mom, going with all those p-bombs.

The guy gave you everything he had for 9 years. Y’all were acting like you drafted him and he refused to show, and forced his way out of town, when the opposite was true. He embraced the team, the town, the opportunity and gave it everything he had for 9 years. But in the end, he knew he and the team had gone as far as it possibly could; he had an opportunity to bounce for what he perceived to be a better opportunity. And he did. Just like any of you would.

And given how that game went. And the way the fans acted. I doubt this guy left that building thinking he made the wrong choice. Considering the Warriors have beaten the Thunder all three times this year, I’m guessing the guy feels just great about his decision.

Again, why did he leave? Because he could. And because he and they had gone as far as they were going to go together. And yes, I’m sure it had something to do with Russell Westbrook. Something to do with the fact, that the ball never moved as much as Durant wanted it to while he was there. Something to do with the fact, that he’s now running with not one star, but a collection of them, and they’re not afraid to share the ball.

And one more thing about him allegedly betraying you and being a traitor. Pretty convenient that all of you killing him for leaving, have forgotten that the team got rid of James Harden. And you’re going to argue that was just business and not personal? Great. Then how is that different than what Durant did? You want to argue that shipping Harden out was best for the team and the organization?. Great. And Durant did what was best for himself and his family. He earned that right. And gave you everything he had while he was there. And judging from what went down Saturday, it would appear he made the right decision. A decision most of you killing him would have made if you could.

This guy left for a better team and a better situation. And the fans are still extremely butthurt over it. And some of the Thunder players weren’t much better. You want to get back at this guy? Beat him. Don’t let him come into your house, hammer you and stand out there jawing with him in the middle of a beatdown, which is what the Thunder did.



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