Just when you thought Jim Dolan and the Knicks couldn’t look any worse for forcibly removing Charles Oakley from their building, and having the guy arrested. They do.

Not only did Dolan not apologize for that, he immediately went on the offensive, conducting his own little media tour and doing whatever he could to discredit Oakley. There was no olive branch, no, this was a really unfortunate situation, let’s sit down and work this out. It was just the opposite. It was, reportedly, this guy is never to be allowed back into this building. Oh and he probably has a drinking problem and he should take care of that as well.

So Dolan took a terrible situation, and made it worse.

Tried to put out that dumpster fire with his gascan. He’s not sorry for anything he did or for the way he handled that. He’s sorry that everyone took Oakley’s side.

So he set out to do something about that as well. Bringing in a bunch of former Knicks, including Latrell Sprewell to hang with him when the Knicks took the floor against the Spurs. As if to say, see! See! We do treat our former player’s great. Ask Spree!

I’d love to. Just like I’d love to know how much Dolan gave him, errrrr, what he did to get him there. Because like Oakley, Spree loved being a Knick and was furious when he was traded. And like Oakley, had serious issues with Dolan and the organization. Yet there he was, front and center, sitting next to Dolan on the floor.

The only thing better than that would have been if Dolan could have convinced Knick great Vin Baker to show up and support him; Baker says a sad Dolan actually reached out to him and try to get him to come too.

Newsflash, Jim. Having former Knicks show up for you doesn’t change anything.  Doesn’t change the fact that you had Oakley forcibly removed from your building. Doesn’t change that most think you’re one of the worst owners in all of sports. And doesn’t change that you run one of the most dysfunctional franchises we have ever seen.

Great, you beat the Spurs. Nice win. Had to feel great. But that doesn’t change anything either. Knick players were acting like, that’s just what we needed; we have turned the corner; now we get that we have to play for each other. And block out all the noise. We could still make a playoff run. I guess. In the sorry East, maybe. Just know you’d be better off being terrible, than being average, backing into a playoff spot, getting hammered in the first round and not getting that high draft pick you need most. But go ahead. Knock yourselves out. Get that 8 seed.


And one quick question for Phil Jackson. Hey Philip, how’s it “goink”? How’s that Melo thing “goink”?  I can answer that for you. Pretty terribly.

A reporter asked Melo if he thought he may have played his last home game as a Knick, to which he responded, “oh, come on man.  Don’t start that.”

This is one of the rare times I’ll agree with Melo. He’s right. Oh, come on man. Melo’s not going anywhere. Of course, Jackson is messing with him; he wants to trade him. And knows he can’t without Anthony’s permission. But him cracking Melo is making it less likely, not more likely he moves him.

Cracking Anthony publicly will probably backfire. One, it does nothing to enhance his trade value. Two, while it is aggravating Anthony, it will probably have the reverse effect. He’ll probably stay right where he is to jam Jackson. He’ll end up staying in New York, not just because he doesn’t want to leave, but because he doesn’t want to give him to Philip. In other words, between Dolan and Jackson, the Knicks are as big a train wreck as they have ever been. And until the dudes in charge leave, that will never happen. Jackson ultimately will. But owners don’t fire themselves. And short of commissioner Adam Silver going Donald Sterling on Dolan’s asssss, the Knicks will never change ever. Not while Dolan’s gonna Dolan, they won’t.


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