Just as he was reportedly on the verge of being reinstated, Raiders outside linebacker Aldon Smith may have gone Aldon Smith once again.

Remember, he missed the entire 2016 season as part of an NFL mandated suspension. However, the NFL Network had reported he could be reinstated in March as long as he stayed out of trouble. That must have worked its way back to Smith, who then rush to (Instagram live) and said “I’m back and there’s nobody who can stop me.”

Nobody except the San Francisco P.D., who reportedly took a report for an incident that occurred over the weekend. Key thing to note here, is that as of now, no arrests have been made. TMZ Sports reported it was a domestic related investigation. But again, no arrests have been made. And Smith better hope none are, or he may have already played his last down in the NFL.

If there’s a bad choice to be made, this guy will make it. And his “I’m back and there’s nobody can stop me” also proves that he is the king of terrible social media posts.

Remember, he’s the author of perhaps the best/worst tweet ever: “good try, not me” in response to him showing  up on Instagram, burning a blunt.

And if there is anything better than his ‘good try, not me’ tweet, it might be the video that it was referring to. Where some dude, on his account is baking, and another person is asking in the video if that really was a good idea? And he cracked her saying, “you’re stupid. You’re tripping. They don’t know it’s me. It’s not like I put “Aldol Smith”


She’s tripping? She’s stupid? But you’re the one baking and saying it’s not like I put “Aldol Smith’ on it?!  But she’s tripping and she’s stupid??! .

And the Raiders and league were both tripping and stupid if they really expected this guy to go an entire year without doing something really stupid or reckless or both? After all this dude was already in huge trouble before he jumped on social media, burned that blunt and name dropped himself. Best fire up session ever.

The female on that video did her very best to protect Smith from himself, but she couldn’t block him alone. She needed help from the guard or running back to slide over and chip him to keep him away from that phone. But the help was late in coming.

And depending on what may or may not have happened this past weekend, we may never see this guy again in the NFL. And even if we do, it’s not a question of if Smith melts down again, but when. Because he will. It’s a lock.


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