Fire tweet of the day belongs to Bills running back Shady McCoy. Upon seeing he was left off Pro Football Focus’ top 101 players in the NFL list, Shady went nuclear thumbing out, quote .@pff, u guys suck…a bunch of nerds who never played a lick of football in your whole life.”

Damn Shady! Really? Don’t you know saying something sucks isn’t a take. And you chase that with a “nerd” blast. Who are you? Ogre?!:

Have to say, at this point there’s nothing more tired than throwing the, “you never played, so you don’t know” card.

Tired, and worn out. That’s like saying neither Siskel or Ebert weren’t qualified to critique movies because they never starred in or directed one. Hell, your new head coach Sean McDermott never played pro ball. Is he not qualified to break down tape? And inevitably when he gets after you, are you going to say, ‘Hey Sean, you suck. You’re just a nerd who never played a lick of nil ball in your life.”

Because he will get after you. And it’s probably going to be for not doing a good enough job of blocking in the backfield. The very thing that PFF said cost you a spot on that list.

And as far as the, you nerds have never played a lick of football. Actually at least one of them has: the face off PFF is actually Cris Collinsworth; that’s his house. So saying those nerds have never played isn’t even true.

All that said was you don’t block well enough. Right. Either on the field or off it. You need to do learn how to block both on the field and on twitter. So put down the phone and hit the sleds. And remember what every coach in history of the world has told every athlete in the history of the world. Only worry about what you can control. You can’t control what others say or write. And melting down is even worse if what they say or write is true.


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