Info & Stats: Virginia Tech Head Coach

All Topics: 2016-17 Season | Team battling | Chris Clarke tearing his ACL | Beating Virginia | ACC | Thinks the ACC is the best conference in the country | Having no nights off in the ACC | Twitter Game | Cold tub photo | Road to 200 wins

Feb 15th 2017

Buzz on Chris Clarke tearing his ACL: “Broke my heart.”


Mar 8th 2016

All Topics: Beating No. 7 Miami on Saturday | 8 game improvement this season | Team resiliency | Mirror talk | Being a huge Michael Jackson fan | Accountability is the first step in maturing | Cornball stuff to motivate | Winning in college basketball | ACC | Voting |

Buzz how he motivates his players: “Cornball stuff.”


Mar 28th 2014

All Topics: Leaving Marquette for Virginia Tech job | Life being a little crazy right now | Spending 6 seasons at Marquette | Explains why he decided to leave Marquette now | Excited to rebuild the Virginia Tech program | Feeling comfortable with the Virginia Tech administration | Thinks Virginia Tech is a “sleeping giant” | Thinks the fan base of Virginia Tech is starving for a winning basketball program | ACC | Hall of Fame coaches in the ACC | Buzz’s Bunch

Buzz on the Virginia Tech fan base: “I think they’re starving to win.”


Mar 4th 2013

All Topics: Win over Notre Dame | Double bye in the Big East Tournament | Not handling their double bye last season real well | His struggles against Louisville | Peeing on themselves last year | Loves being on the Jim Rome Show | Losing two key players last year and still competing for a Big East title this season | This season has been a lot of fun | Playing hard | His job | The talent at the school | The history of Big East coaches | Very thankful to be where he is | Rick Pitino | His admiration for Pitino | How he has changed the past 5 years | The family at Marquette | Helping other people achieve their dreams |

Buzz on his job: “It’s about helping other people achieve their dreams.”


Feb 27, 2012:

Buzz on not having team captains: “Every kid has the same importance.”


Mar 15, 2011:

Buzz on his fascination with stats: “I shouldn’t have let it out how freaky I am with numbers.”


Mar 16, 2010:

Topics: Edge or advantage at a 6 seed? | Keep moving after things they have endured this year | Losing three of his best players from last year; winning 24 games | Concern at 2-5? | Winning all the close games | No other choices | Jim Boeheim surviving coaching for decades in the conference | The diary | Running miles for therapy | Treatment of a Texan in Wisconsin | Hellos to Doc Rivers and Mark Turgeon.


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