Never mind swinging a club, apparently Tiger Woods’ back is so jacked up, he can no longer even show up for pressers.

No one was asking him to grind through 72 this week; just to show up and answer a few softballs in Los Angeles ahead of the Genesis Open, something tournament officials said he couldn’t do: “after receiving daily treatment the last several days for his on-going back spasms, Tiger Woods has again been advised by doctors to limit all activities and will not hold a press conference Weds.”

So not only is he not allowed to swing his bats, he’s not even allowed to sit at a table.

So after grinding out day after day and month after month for nearly a year and a half to get back to the golf course, this guy, after 7 total rounds of golf, can’t even sit down at a table and answer a few questions. I don’t think that’s asking a helluva lot. Especially if he only has to do it one more time. You know, to let everyone know he’s done. He’s peacing out. To say, “folks, it stands to reason, if I can’t sit at this table for 18 minutes, no way in hell I have another 18 holes in me. It’s been nice. But I have to bounce, see ya on the other side.!”

And if he’s not willing to announce his own retirement, I’m more than willing to do it for him. Tiger Woods is retiring. Now you’re done!

So we can all stop with this nonsense of can he win another major or not?

Speaking on nonsense, you check out any of the diarrhea flowing from his agent Mark Steinberg’s gap: when asked about his client’s inability to sit out a table, he told “this is more precautionary. This isn’t about him not doing a press conference. What is going to be accomplished? What is he going to say? That he hopes his back spasms calm down. This is about the Genesis Open, the Tiger Woods Foundation and supporting Hyundai and his foundation. He is doing all he can without having to get up and move around all that much so that he can put himself in the best position to recover.”

In other words, nothing to see here, stop making a mountain out of a mole hell; so the greatest golfer ever is too jacked up to sit down at a table; stop making it something it’s not. Turn the page. Everything is fine!! Wow.

I’ve grown accustomed to hear that guy say things similar to that, but I’m sure we have never had more wool pulled over our collective eyes from Camp Cat than we are right now!! Steinberg and the Big Cat are working really, really hard to come up with stories to cover this.


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