Another day, another sad story about an athlete not making the right decisions with his personal finances. Former Saints receiver Robert Meachem is spending 30 days in the clink because he can’t come up with the almost 400 GRR that he owes his ex-wife in alimony and child support. Meachem earned 20 MILLION in his 8 years in the league, and says that most of that is gone after he was fleeced by people working for his charitable foundation and former assistants.

How many times do you hear this story? If it’s not Meachem, it’s someone else. If it’s not shady financial advisors, it’s bad bets on restaurants, bars, family members, pyramid schemes. Another ex-Pro athlete putting his money into ALL the wrong places.

Maybe THAT’s why I dig this Edgerrin James story so much.

Because the EDGE is going the other way. Instead of wasting his playing money on ALL the wrong things — James is going against the grain. While former teammates like Bryant McKinnie are out there racking up 375,000 dollar tabs at Miami strip clubs, JAMES is going INTO the business — launching his OWN strip club as he gets into life after football.

TMZ reports that James is opening a club called “ONE” a “brand new upscale booty club”┬áthat James will be the sole owner of. In Miami. With Edgerrin James as the face of the club. Brilliant. I literally don’t see how this can lose.

Right now, he’s going through the SOFT OPEN phase, welcoming in guys like Clinton Portis and Luther Campbell as he takes his run at the title in a town known for nightlife.

And I hope it works. Because it’s better to be the OWNER than the customer. Better to be the guy collecting the cash than making it rain. And better to be the guy collecting the six-figure tabs than the one signing for them, bringing the party to YOU — in your own backyard — a local Miami legend putting a new spin on planting roots in the community.

I’m not a STRIP CLUB guy, but I tell you what — I’d rather be the guy behind the office door than the guy on the rail blowing his cash. I’d rather be the guy cutting W2s and managing the joint that the one paying for the champagne room.

So give it up to the Edge — a rare pro athlete who saw all the places where his fellow jocks lost their cash and LEARNED from it.


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