Info & Stats: Cleveland Indians Manager

All Topics: 1st team meeting with team in Spring Training is important | Last seasons’ journey | His front office | Francisco Lindor showing up big in the postseason | Lindo being special | His use of Andrew Miller last postseason | Everyone is optimistic this time of year | Hip surgery in the off-season | His shortest off-season ever | University of Arizona donation | Time at Arizona | Last seasons’ World Series ending

Feb 16th 2017

Terry on Francisco Lindor: “He loves the game.”


July 5th 2016 

All Topics: Recent 14 game winning streak | The addition of Mike Napoli | Napoli’s play this season | Dustin Pedroia praising Napoli to him | His job | Working on our personality | Jose Ramirez hitting cleanup last week | Having such a fun job | Rajai Davis | Always hating Rajai | His wallet being on the edge of his desk | Life in Cleveland since Cavs won the title | 04 Red Sox

Terry on winning: “It’s hard to be good.”


Feb 19th 2016

All Topics: Recharging for another season | His 2016 team | Not having much room for error this season | Kansas City winning it all | Francisco Lindor | Lindor’s talent | Expectations for Lindor | Lindor listens | Coaching staff | Jason Giambi being a guest instructor this Spring Training | Relationship with players | Hard conversations |

Terry on two keys to building relationships with his players: “Trust and truth.”


Mar 26th 2015

All Topics: Spring Training | Corey Kluber’s 2014 Seasoin | Kluber might be a better pitcher this year | Michael Brantley’s upside | Team is no longer under the radar | Trevor Bauer prank | Carlos Santana | Santana is really putting in the work | MLB trying to speed up play | American League Central

Terry on Corey Kluber: “His routines are impeccable.”


Apr 16th 2014

All Topics: Battling weather conditions | Pitching staff being young | Carlos Santana’s amazing skill set | Michael Bourn injury | Bourn is such a leader | Nyjer Morgan has been great | Nyjer has some personality | Nyjer’s past | Jeff Francoeur | Francoeur being pranked | Blake Wood story | Great moment with Wood | Managers value | Coming to Cleveland was really good for him | Wanting to be wanted | Doesn’t want to leave Cleveland | Fans | Living in downtown Cleveland |

Terry on Carlos Santana’s skill set: “Amazing.”


Apr 24th 2013

All Topics: Managing in Cleveland | His father’s history with the Indians | His dad’s influence on him | Having so much respect for the organization | Playing Boston | Boston boat racing them | Wanting to beat Boston | It will be different when he manages against the Red Sox in Boston | Boston Marathon Bombing | Cleveland’s championship drought | Cleveland is dying for us to win | Jason Giambi in the clubhouse | Giambi is underpaid | Giambi being the veteran | Giambi a manager in waiting | His year off |

Terry on what it’s like managing in Cleveland: “It’s as much like family as you can get.”


Jan 24th 2013

All Topics: His book, Francona -The Red Sox Years- | Why he wrote the book | Dan Shaughnessy | The ending of his Boston run | Not sure if he was fired or quit in Boston | Small things started to irritate him at the end of his Boston run | Managing in Boston | The famous collapse in 2011 | 2011 team never getting a personality | The 2011 team not handling adversity well | Being frustrated with his self in 2011 | Fried Chicken, Beer and Xbox stories of 2011 | TV ratings | His responsibility was to win games | Bosses telling him the TV ratings were down | 2004 | His personal problems in 2011 | Did the team leak some of his problems? | Mad about the leaks | Getting back to managing | Cleveland was his number #1 destination | Cleveland’s sports history |

Terry on if he got fired or quit in Boston: “Well, I don’t know.”


Oct 07, 2011:

Terry on why he’s no longer in Boston: “It was time for a new voice.’


Jun 15, 2011:

Terry on managing Michael Jordan: “He was so respectful to the coaches, players and the game of baseball.”


Jun 02, 2010:

Topics: Playing a lot better | We were inconsistent as a team at the start of the season | David Ortiz’s turn around | Pinch hitting for Big Papi was tough | Ortiz has his swagger back | It’s a team sport and sometimes we forget that | Mike Lowell | Never thought Ortiz was finished | Jacoby Ellsbury | Criticism towards Ellsbury | Jacoby has broken ribs | Being a leader | Clubhouse running itself? | Doc Rivers | Loves Doc | NBA Finals talk | Boston media | Larry Bowa | Media pressure is almost addicting |


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