Hour 1

Stay Home, Sand Bar | Revis Looking At Real Estate Excuse | Dominique Wilkins (NBA) Interview


Hour 2

Bruce Boudreau (NHL) Interview | NBA All-Star Weekend | Dan In Denver Reaction


Hour 3

Han’s Helicopter | Jeff Banister (MLB) Interview | Week That Was



Dominique Wilkins

Dunk Icon on Aaron Gordon’s 2016 Dunk Contest: “I thought he won.”


Jeff Banister

Texas Manager on signing Mike Napoli: “He is a bully in the box.”


Bruce Boudreau

Head Coach on his decision to come to Minnesota: “I thought we could make some noise.”



Stay Home, Sand Bar

Jets corner Darrelle Revis had himself a night. Revis Island or Riker’s Island?
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Romo’s Future

Pretty much nut-cutting time for the Cowboys and Tony Romo.
Click Here for Entire Take

Solo’s Helicopter

Harrison Ford is not a topic on this show. It’s not a thing. At all.
Click Here for Entire Take


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