Info & Stats:  Texas Rangers Manager

All Topics: Spring Training time | Getting away from the game for a bit | Watching his daughter play college volleyball | Signing Mike Napoli | Josh Hamilton | Expectations for Josh Hamilton | Adrian Beltre | Beltre’s toughness |

Feb 17th 2017

Jeff on signing Mike Napoli: “He is a bully in the box.”


May 9th 2016

All Topics: Yesterday’s game vs. Verlander | Team being so resilient | Cole Hamels importance | Adrian Beltre | Beltre’s and Elvis Andrus’ relationship | Joy of the game | Yu Darvish rehab | Darvish has hit all the check points | His background | Manager of the Year award | Toughness

Jeff on Adrian Beltre’s and Elvis Andrus’ relationship: “Big brother, little brother.”


Jun 11th 2015

All Topics: Being 2nd in the AL West right now | Slow start to the season | Prince Fielder’s praise of him | High school days | Being diagnosed with bone cancer in his left ankle in high school | High chance of his left leg being amputated | A lot of pain | College ball | Being paralyzed in college | Being a stubborn person | Being drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates | Loves to prove people wrong | His single major league at bat | Hitting 1000 in the majors

Jeff on his managerial style: “be the manager I always wanted to have.”


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