Pretty much nut-cutting time for the Cowboys and Tony Romo. They’re obviously not going to keep him as back up; not with the crazy cap number he has and not when he sees himself as a starter.

So if you’re Jerry Jones, and you have this crazy investment in Romo, an investment that hasn’t paid off and one they’re trying desperately to recoup, you’ll look to trade him in an attempt to get back a few pennies on that dollar. But that’s never going to happen, because other teams wouldn’t be stupid enough to do it. Not with that contract, and not when the player in question is a banged up 37-year old who’s always one hit from being stretched out on a spine board. Even Romo knows that. Knows no team is trading for a dude who has played just 5 of their last 32 games.

Every NFL player will tell you, the best ability is availability. And this dude has not been available. So he knows that even though Jerry Jones sees himself as Romo’s surrogate dad, business is business and he’ll break him off. Or as Jerry likes to say, there’s no need to circumcise a mosquito.

So then the question is, where does this guy end up? Obviously, he has to go to a team that has an offensive line that is good enough to keep him in one piece. And some weapons that he can utilize. And a defense that is dominant enough to afford him one last chance at a ring.

You don’t need to be some football genius to figure out where that is.  Could be Kansas City, if Andy Reid finally gets around to accepting he’s not winning a ring with Alex Smith. Or Denver, if the Broncos try to recreate that Super Bowl run with a noodle armed vet under center, like they did with Peyton Manning.

But the best landing spot for Romo, obviously, would be with the Texans. They are built to win right now. They have a great defense, plenty of playmakers offensively, and dude wouldn’t even have to leave the state of Texas. Oh and most importantly, they have Brock Osweiler under center right now. And although I don’t trust a 37-year old, with a broken back who hasn’t played in a couple of  years, I trust him a helluva lot more than I do Osweiler. I trust the guy they had before Osweiler, Brian Hoyer, way more than I trust Osweiler. Hell, I trust Chad Henne more than I trust Osweiler.

So when Romo gets cut, he can sign wherever he wants, and if I’m him, I go right to Houston. And if he checks out medically, and I’m the Texans, I bring him in.

You’d be getting an extremely motivated player who’s down to his last shot; and while he may have said all the right things in Dallas about Dak Prescott, you know it’s not what he really thought. And that nothing would make him happier than to jam his surrogate pop, Jerry Jones. So if I’m the Texans, I’d roll the dice on him. And if I’m Romo, I take what I can get and post up in H-town.




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