Harrison Ford is not a topic on this show. It’s not a thing. At all. But I will mention this, just in passing. A drive by a sorts. Still not a sports story, still not a topic or a conversation for this show. But in passing, I will reference this… I saw People Magazine tweet, quote: “Harrison Ford mistakenly tells control tower he’s in a helicopter in radio call before controversial landing.”

So my man, literally didn’t even know what type of (aircraft) he’s piloting. Helicopter.  Plane. Boat. Submarine. Tank. Segway. Whatever.

Maybe it’s just me, but you’d think that a requirement in getting a pilot’s license is being able to identify exactly what you’re piloting. No wonder this dude mistook the taxiway for a runaway. He mistook his plane for a helicopter.

This dude was flying a single-engine propeller plane: how the hell do you mistake that for a helicopter. I’d love to give Han the benefit of the doubt. Maybe you confuse a husky for a pipe cub. That can happen. But you confuse that for a helicopter??! You’re flying a single ending prop plane, not a cobra or apache or Blackhawk.

Furthermore as TMZ points out just as troubling as not knowing the difference between a helicopter and a plane is that he’s talking to the wrong control tower. He was still talking to the SMO tower which had already turned over to another tower. The controller tells Solo he’s on the wrong frequency and that has to be communicating with the other tower.

Did this guy do anything right?! And I get that the 405 is a pain in the ass for all of us. But do you really need to be flying between Santa Monica and Orange County??!? I get that we thought we’d have flying cars by now, but come on. Does this dude also fly from the westside to the valley. From Tampa blvd. to Reseda? Maybe a quick flight from centinela ave to Bundy ave.


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