Info & Stats: NASCAR Driver

All Topics: Tuesday before the Daytona 500 | Coming back from concussions | Richard Petty | His interaction with Petty recently | Never seeing the Daytona 500 live in person until he raced himself | Practice this week | Time off from racing |

Feb 21st 2017

Dale’s outlook: “Racing is what you do not who you are.”


July 8th 2015

All Topics: Coke Zero 400 win | Austin Dillon’s crash | His car | Felt like his and Jimmie Johnson’s cars stood out in win | Dillon’s crash was scary | Dillon’s concerns after the race | Safety changes? | Explains what he would change | David West leaving millions of dollars on the table by leaving Indiana | He never talks money with his owner | Hendrick Motorsports

Dale on the conversations he has with his boss, Rick Hendrick: “We never talk money.”


Mar 26th 2015

All Topics: Martinsville Speedway track | Tracks reviewing their safety measures | Improvements he’d like to see at some race tracks | Our cars can end up anywhere on the track | We want our spectators to enjoy a safe race | 1970s racing | His dad racing in the 70s |  70s were cool | His father | SPIKE running a special on his father | Jeff Gordon’s last season | Jeff reminds him a lot of his dad with his thought process | Thinks Jeff will stick around the sport | Jeff is really sharp |

Dale Jr. on safety measures at NASCAR tracks: “We want our spectators to enjoy a safe race.”


 Feb 26th 2014

All Topics: Winning his second Daytona 500 | His past few days | Delays at the Daytona 500 | Jeff Gordon helping him the past few laps | Gordon’s push | The stretch run | You just explode inside when you cross the finish line first | His emotions after the win | Treating every win like it’s the last | This Daytona 500 win compared to his first in 2004 | Didn’t have to win the Daytona 500 twice | His father chasing a Daytona 500 win for 20 years | Joining Twitter | Twitter chat | His fan base always being loyal |

Dale on the feeling of crossing the finish line first at the Daytona 500: “You just explode inside.”


Feb 22nd 2013

All Topics: Daytona 500 | Feeling pretty good right now | Improving in 2012 | Wanting to get over the top and win another Daytona 500 | Preparation for the Daytona 500 | Super Bowl of the sport being the first race of the season | Balance | First 10 races of the season being so important | The history of the Daytona 500 | An exclusive fraternity winning the Daytona 500 | A lot of great drivers have not won the Daytona 500 | Really big relief winning the Daytona 500 in 2004 | Missing the final two races of last season due to a concussion | Concussions being scary | Danica Patrick | The attention Patrick gets | Him pacing right now |

Jr. on what winning the Daytona 500 meant to him: “It was a really big relief.”


Jun 19, 2012:

Dale on why it took so long to get back to victory lane: “Wish I knew.”


Jul 27, 2011:

Dale Jr. on the remainder of the 2011 Season: “We can’t have anymore bad weeks.”


Jun 09, 2011:

Topics: Coming up short at the Coca Cola 600 | Surprised he made it as far as he did | Calculated gamble | Thinking to himself he has to try | Wins don’t come that often | Rather know he tried, than wonder “what if?” | Effect of getting the first win | Confidence goes up from leading most of the race | Difference in the team this year | Whole new group | Chemistry with the new team | Wanting approval and respect | Happy because he is running well | Takes responsibilities for failures | Confidence coming back | Tries best to give a good effort | Try to run hard, get good feedback and stay positive | No finger pointing and try to turn it around the next week | Not so much pressure these days to live up to the last name | Remembering winning in Daytona in 2004


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