Aaron Hernandez, the world’s most famous murdering tight end, IS UP TO HIS OLD TRICKS. And this time, he’s learning one of prison’s No. 1 rules — BE CAREFUL ON THE PRISON PHONE WHEN YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT MURDERING PEOPLE.

Aaronthal is about to stand trial for two more murders — and Massachusetts prosecutors will use PHONE TRANSCRIPTS from his conversations from prison to help convict him of another double homicide. When talking to former Florida teammate Mike Pouncey from the clink’s phone, Aaronthal was spitballing his latest brilliant tattoo — that prosecutors allege lays out the way he gunned down two men after a night out in a Boston nightclub.

This from the NY Daily News report, as witnesses will testify that Hernandez shot two men because he felt disrespected: “I’m going to get another tattoo that looks like a stop sign that will say, ‘Beware, no hesitation.’ [Hernandez] said, ‘You feel me? Like try me and there’s no hesitation.”

Hernandez might be the dumbest criminal on the planet. It’s not enough that he’s tattooing proof that he committed murders onto his body before trial, now he’s going on the prison phone to brainstorm ways to get himself locked up for two more life time sentences? The guy is amazing.

Why not just ink I KILL PEOPLE, LOTS OF PEOPLE  on his forehead. And then there’s Mike Pouncey on the other side of the phone. I’m sure the Dolphins are thrilled that this guy is involved — probably  — playing along, giving feedback on some crude sketches, “You know what could be awesome? Maybe make the red from the stop sign could drip — like blood?”

Just when you think you’re running out of ways to describe just how evil and stupid this guy is, he goes and one-ups himself. Just when you think the Patriots have scrubbed their organization of this guy — the witness list for the NEXT trial includes guys like Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels, two guys who I’m sure are THRILLED to go under oath to talk about a player they paid millions to, turned into a star, and then watched him throw away his life by thinking he was Scarface.

Hernandez is already set to spend the rest of his life behind bars after being convicted of murdering Odin Lloyd — so maybe two more murder chargers just up his jailhouse cred. But as NFL free agency gears up, there’s already one big winner — the Massachusetts Department of Corrections, who is about to ink the prison system’s top tight end to another LONG-TERM extension.

And Aaronthal, next time you get a great idea like new ink — do all of us a favor and just three-way in the warden.


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