Info & Stats: San Francisco 49ers General Manager

All Topics: Eventful year | Exciting time in his life | General Manager opportunity coming out of nowhere | Opportunity coming from Kyle Shanahan | Life | Loved broadcasting | Called Kyle after Green Bay game | Conversation with Kyle started if off this opportunity | John Elway | Needing to hire guys who know procedures | Colin Kaepernick’s future with the team | Relationship with Kyle on evaluating players | Ego’s

Feb 23rd 2017

John on becoming San Francisco 49ers General Manager: “Exciting, stimulating.”


Sept 18th 2015

All Topics: His time in Tampa Bay | Arriving in Tampa Bay in 1993 | Wining a Super Bowl | Buccaneers die-hard fans | Tony Dungy’s defensive mentality | Super Bowl XXXVII vs. Oakland | Oakland’s passing ego got in the way | His style of play | Current Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Week 1 for Tampa Bay didn’t look good | He would have taken Marcus Mariota over Jameis Winston | Jason Pierre-Paul situation

 John on Derrick Brooks: “He just had it all.”


Jan 15th 2015

All Topics: Peyton Manning’s game vs. Indy was painful to watch | Believes Manning was injured | John Elway’s frustration | Elway adding a physical presence to his defense last off-season | Elway won’t sit idle | Elway wanting to see fire from his players | Didn’t think Denver’s game plan vs. Indy was really good | Ray Lewis’ take on Tom Brady | Seattle’s play | Kam Chancellor’s play | Chancellor’s postseason play | Green Bay will need a monumental performance to beat Seattle | Aaron Rodgers | Antonio Gates’ complement of him | His career | Being a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame | Switching from quarterback to safety | Bill Walsh talking him into safety

John on Peyton Manning’s game vs. Indy: “That was painful to watch.”


Oct 15th 2014

All Topics: Packers vs. Dolphins game last Sunday | Aaron Rodgers late vs. Dolphins | Rodgers’ doesn’t get enough credit | Calling Panthers vs. Packers this weekend | Cam Newton’s play | Newton is closer to getting healthy | Panthers players around Newton | Vontaze Burfict twisting players ankles is over the line | Burfict will lose respect amongst players | Dallas Cowboys | Rod Marinelli | San Francisco 49ers | Jim Harbaugh reports | Harbaugh’s a different guy | Harbaugh can coach | Harbaugh being in his own world sometimes | Seattle Seahawks | His normal week now | Doing more preparation now than when he played

John on Aaron Rodgers: “He’s got so many qualities.”


Jan 20th 2014

All Topics: Colin Kaepernick challenging Richard Sherman in the end zone late | Sherman making the play | Sherman’s interview after the game | Sherman losing his mind a bit | Sherman is a very thoughtful player | Adrenaline after the game | Loves Sherman’s passion | Peyton Manning vs. Seattle’s defense | Sherman vs. Demaryius Thomas | Seattle contests every throw | Broncos playing their best ball now | Peyton is playing phenomenal football | Wes Welker’s pick on Aqib Talib | Doesn’t think Welker’s was intentional | Doesn’t know where Belichick’s going with accusing Welker of a cheap play | Tom Brady having a bit of an off day | Champ Bailey’s play yesterday was outstanding | Champ is truly one of the great players to ever play the game | John Elway | Elway’s roll in putting this Broncos team together | Him being a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame |

John on Richard Sherman’s post-game interview: “I think he lost his mind a little


Dec 06, 2012:

John on if he thinks the Philadelphia Eagles players are giving their all for Andy Reid: “No.”


May 03, 2012:

Topics: No sense that Junior Seau was troubled | Only warning sign seemed to be the car accident | Junior was so upbeat and charismatic | Hoping people didn’t take advantage of that | Have to believe he was depressed | If so, you could never see it | Call to action for the league | Tough transition to non-player for someone who loved it so much like Junior | What was the cause of depression | His 1st year of retirement “You are lost sometimes.” | Celebrate his life | Icon of icons in San Diego | His impact will live on forever | Should have dug deeper on his feeling after the car accident | The league does not have an out-reach program for retiring players | Psychological effects of the transition


Mar 06, 2012:

John on the bounty program ran by the New Orleans Saints: “There’s no place for it.”


Jan 09, 2012:

John on Tim Tebow’s situation in Denver: “I think you build around him.”


Oct 26, 2011:

John on Andrew Luck: “He’s a rare talent; a Peyton Manning, John Elway talent.”


Jan 28, 2011:

John on when he played with Jay Cutler in Denver: “In the past I questioned his maturity but never his toughness.”


Jan 11, 2010:

Topics: Rematch between Cincinnati and New York | Ingredients for New York; Mark Sanchez | LaDainian Tomlinson in the postseason | Mike Shanahan to the Washington Redskins | Brandon Marshall and the Broncos | McDaniels’ questioning of Marshall | Cowboys have the best ingredients in the tournament | Indy’s regular season record and it’s impact in the postseason.


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