We all know those awkward morning afters. The walk of shame in last night’s clothes. Explaining away that Thursday night bender, and why you forgot to wash that magic marker’d UNIT off your cheek. That’s how the entire Knicks organization has to feel this morning. That head-down invisible man walk that Phillip is taking today before closing the door to his office.

Or D Rose — probably wondering how a guy worth as much as he THINKS he’s worth couldn’t even get himself traded for damaged goods like Ricky Rubio.

And then there’s Melo. After getting dragged through the mud the past few months as the Knicks try to make things bad enough for him to waive his no trade clause, after getting bludgeoned by the Cavs, who didn’t want to trade for him, you can hardly blame Melo for not wanting to talk about trades anymore.

“I’ve been at peace. I’m at peace now. The trade deadline has come and gone. Me talking about it has come and gone. I won’t be talking about trades or any of that stuff for the rest of the season.”

Melo probably finished that quote — went back to his locker and ripped a giant page off his TRAVELING CALENDAR. “ONE DOWN, 24 TO GO.”

That’s this team. Losers of 6 of their last 7. Already licking the stamp on the mail-it-in effort they plan on showing these next six weeks. That’s where the Knicks are at.

Listen to Kristaps Porzingis — about the only piece of the Knicks future that they should want to keep happy. Here’s the Zinger postgame — after rolling an ankle against the Cavs. And I quote:  “WE WANT TO FINISH THE SEASON HALFWAY DECENT.”

Take a bow, Phillip. That’s the team you assembled. Your young star fresh off winning a skills competition at NBA All-Star weekend setting the bar at “HALFWAY DECENT,” your OLD STAR just counting down the days — and openly clowning you postgame, by saying:

“I think they were kind of planning on the trade deadline, whether they were trying to make moves. I think that was one plan. Now they’ve got to get back to the drawing board and come up with another plan about the future of this team.”

Plan A: Get rid of Melo. And Melo made DAMN sure everybody knows that’s not happening.

So with Phillip back at the grease board and the Knicks a complete disaster, it might just be time for James Dolan to do the one thing that could potentially make him popular — Run Phillip outta town. Because he certainly can’t fix this mess. But can probably make it even worse.


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