Can we stop already with this nonsense about what a great “rivalry” Clippers v. Warriors is?!: When one side curb stomps the other every single time they play, that’s not a rivalry.

The Clippers came from way ahead only to get hammered by Golden State last night, 123-113, in a game that wasn’t nearly that close. I mean, I’ve come to expect Golden State to hospital job the Clips every time they play, but that was the worst one to date.

That’s ten in a row now for Warriors over the Clips, but the most severe beatdown of any of them.

So let’s not confuse a “rivalry” with a couple of teams that hate each other. Because that’s what that is. The Clippers hate the Warriors because they know they don’t belong on the same floor with them. Hell, belong in the same sport with them.

And the Warriors obviously hate the Clippers, or they wouldn’t run it up on them every single time they see them.

And while the Warriors hate the Clippers, they obviously don’t respect them. I mean, they couldn’t have come any flatter or any more disinterested than they did in falling behind 12 at the end of the first half. But again, can you blame them for overlooking the Clippers. They completely own them.

For the Clippers, a regular season matchup with the Warriors is their Game 7 of the NBA Finals. For the Warriors, it’s just another meaningless Thursday night in the middle of the season. That’s why they toy with them every time they play.

Then Steve Kerr will remind them it’s not walkthrough, that it’s an actual game, with paying customers and a television audience, and his guys wake up, throw the switch and the blanket party is on. They dropped 50 on the Clippers in the third quarter! 50. That’s embarrassing.

Then again, the Clippers did manage to hold the Warriors under 130, something they haven’t done in the previous two games. So that’s a win. Sort of. I guess. And no Clipper fan, I don’t want to hear that you didn’t have Chris Paul. It wouldn’t have mattered if you did. It never does. I don’t care who you put on the floor, you’re not beating guys.


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