Info & Stats: Legal Analyst

All Topics: O.J. Simpson piece | Simpson’s chances on parole | Explains why Simpson is in jail right now | Simpson receiving a 33-year old prison term | Simpson as an inmate | Simpson has been a role model inmate while in prison | Parole board | Simpson should do well in front of Parole board | O.J. on the outside | Darrelle Revis charged with multiple felonies | Revis not having a criminal history

Feb 28th 2017

Michael talks O.J. Simpson parole board meeting.


Sept 27th 2016

All Topics: Derrick Rose’s civil rape case | Civil is monetary | LAPD considers Rose case still open | Evidence could come from civil trial to start a criminal case | Victim alleges Rose and two others broke into her place and raped her | He was on a conference call with the victim | Rose struggling with the word ‘consent’ | Rose hasn’t been a good men | Rose’s deal with Adidas | Surprising Rose hasn’t settled this civil case

Michael talks Derrick Rose’s civil trial.


Feb 16th 2016

All Topics: Peyton Manning – Dr. Jamie Naughright allegations in 1996 at University of Tennessee | Background of the Manning-Naughright story | Settlements between Manning-Naughright | NY Post columnist Shaun King bringing the Manning-Naughright story back | King’s motivations of why he brought Manning-Naughright story back | Big mistake for the Manning’s to bring the Naughright story up in their book | Manning HGH allegations | Peyton Manning’s approach to HGH allegations | Manning’s aggressive style in HGH situation |

Michael talks Peyton Manning – Dr. Jamie Naughright story.


Sept 24th 2015

All Topics: Patrick Kane rape kit story | Finding out who had custody of the Kane rape kit | Chain of custody | Arguments over real rape kit | Kane’s attorney should argue to have case dropped | Kane’s private driver being an officer | Next step in Kane case

Legal analyst talks Patrick Kane rape kit story.


All Topics: Deflategate | Tom Brady vs. the NFL | Brady’s case | Roger Goodell’s collectively bargained power | Adrian Peterson’s successful argument vs. the league | Brady is pretty much arguing how the league handled the Deflategate process | Sally Jenkins column | Scientists on ball inflation | What could the NFL gain from making up the Deflategate case vs. the Pats

July 31st 2015

Michael talks Deflategate.


Apr 8th 2015

All Topics: Murder of Odin Lloyd | Aaron Hernandez Trial closing arguments | Defenses approach | Motive | The defense saying Hernandez was at the crime scene | Odin and Aaron’s passion for marijuana | Intent of Hernandez to kill Lloyd | PCP strategy | PCP testimony | Jurying deliberation |

Michael talks Aaron Hernandez Trial.


cmann.mp3 download=true name=”Michael McCann” artist=”Dec 14, 2011 Interview”]


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